Friday, January 20, 2017

No Gigs (a sleeping journal)

I was on my feet probably 89% of the day.
It was a busy day.
I was shoveling snow off my driveway, doing laundry, doing school projects, 
doing homework, doctors visits, shopping, 
sweeping the floor, making beds, more laundry,
more shoveling snow off my driveway, meals, 
activities for the kids, sports, etc, etc.
Around 7:00, when I was just getting dinner on the table
 I called all the kids into the kitchen.  
One by one, they popped in, washed their hands, and sat down 
Nicholas was missing.  
Nicholas is often late to the dinner table, so it really wasn't a big deal.
Often times I can find him playing in a hidden corner of the house with 
his army guys or with his fantastic collection of Schleich dragons.
I asked Jane to run upstairs to the boy's room to retrieve Gigs.
She came back down and said:
"He isn't up in his room."  
"Did you check the toy nook?" I asked.
"Yep, he's not there." 
"Ok," I said in my well-too-bad-for-him voice.
We began eating.
After we all finished up, I yelled his name.  No response.
I got up, walked to the stairs, and yelled his name again.  
Then again, and again.
Then I made Oliver run to the basement; maybe he was playing there?
No Gigs.
I asked Jane to make another sweep upstairs.
No Gigs.
I walked outside, yelling his name.
No Gigs.
I checked the bathrooms, the hot tub, and the car.
No Gigs.
Now I was panicking a little, and Jane was crying.
I checked the shoe basket; his shoes were all accounted for, boots too.
By this time, we'd scoured the house and screamed and yelled his name.
I was feeling nervous.
I mean, where was Gigs?  
How could he have just mysteriously disappeared from the house-
and at dinnertime too???
I ran upstairs for one more faithful look.
No Gigs.
Mr. Nielson has been at the ranch since Monday, and I decided it was time
to say a prayer and call Christian for backup.
Just as I was walking down the stairs, Claire yelled:
We all ran to the living room to find Nicholas sleeping peacefully in the
 closet under the TV with the cupboard doors closed.
My kids are just really good at falling asleep in the oddest places.
I really could go on...

Happy Weekend!
Spiritual Enlightenment: Love and Marriage

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