Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Gigs turns N I N E

My Nicholas Jones Nielson turns N I N E today!
Happy birthday to my sweet little man.
Here are N I N E of some my favorite photos of Nicholas "Gigs" Nielson:
I love you my sweetheart son!

"Nicholas's big brown eyes got heavy, and he snuggled in a little closer. 
 I watched in awe as his eyelids fluttered, then shut so peacefully.  
He lay beside me, breathing deep, relaxed breathes. 
 I looked at every detail of his face and his long brown lashes resting against his round cheeks.  
His chubby hands nestled their way under his cheeks.  Even his white-blond hair seemed to be peacefully resting on his smooth, soft forehead.  His perfect beauty struck me, and I was filled with love for this little boy, and gratitude that he would let me lie down near him. 
 I had almost missed these precious moments with my children..."

(excerpt taken from my memoir Heaven is Here describing my thoughts
about connecting with Nicholas again after the accident.  Pg. 265)