Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I think they are pretty happy...

Here are the children at 7:34 this morning when I woke up to check my
bloodshot eyes and my sore neck and chin.
I announced to myself while looking in the mirror
What on earth happened to you, you poor thing.
I looked like I had my teeth kicked in.
My eyes were bloodshot and my face swollen and red.
I felt ugly. Simply put, really ugly, like freakishly ugly.

Its never going to be a good day when it starts off this way. Never.
I started tearing up, then made my way back to my bed.
I stepped out of the bathroom and looked over to the bed next to where
Mr. Nielson was sleeping.
All four of my beautiful children lay sleeping like baby angels.
Each one had a happy smirk on their faces, and I knew
life for them was wonderful and magical.
I knew they were happy.

It felt like a big gust of fresh air blowing into my face.
Immediately I felt better, then I vowed to change the way the day would start.
Because I believe we can do that. We have the power.
And its not easy, I know.

I snuggled back into bed with Mr. Nielson, and soon enough
those four angels began stirring and soon they each ran into
the kitchen to have some of Boss Nielson's omelets.

And those omelets are goooood.