Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ollie visits the temple.

Last week Mr. Nielson and I took Oliver to the temple.
A worthy 12-year-old member of 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints can go to the
 temple where they can be baptized for those who have died 
before they could have a chance to accept the gospel.
It was a wonderful day, and I couldn't help but feel emotional 
watching my boy. I am so proud of him. So deeply proud.
Mr. Nielson and I decided long ago that we would 
take each of our children to the temple on the day they turn 12.  
It is a beautiful tradition.

In 2013, we took Claire.
In 2019 we will take Nicholas, and in 2025 we'll take Lottie.
So glad we took Oliver this year.
He is growing into a handsome, good, kind, and compassionate boy.
After the experience, we walked with Ollie to our car.
He was awfully quiet and I asked him what he was thinking.
Tears fell from his eyes as he told me:
"It was just really cool, Mom."
I know exactly what he means.
And also, where is the time going??

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