Friday, August 06, 2010

Letters to Mr. Nielson- sleeping alone day 2

(Nicholas sleeping under the rug)
Hi Sweetie,

I can't believe I am surviving alone without you.
I have tried to stay busy every single second so I wont miss you too much.
I cleaned the kitchen. Remember how awfully messy it was when you left with all 4 children to the ranch in New Mexico.
(Remember the girls think that its in Mexico?)
Well anyway, the kitchen is clean--really clean. I thought while you were gone I'd have all these projects and things to do and get done while you were gone. Well I already did most of them already and I still have 3 days without you.
Matt and Van came up to check on me. They fixed that darn closet in my dressing room.
I also ran a few errands today, did a little school shopping on line, visited Betsy, and now I am watching Sixteen candles and doing my paint by numbers.
It has stormed all night. I love love it. When it thunders, it reminds me of the jets flying over me on the 4th of July, so powerful I want to cry.
I miss you so much. I am not looking forward to bed alone without you again.
I also miss the boys falling asleep wherever and whenever.

I love you
-Your baby.

(Ollie sleeping on the ottoman from here)