Thursday, October 28, 2010

polygamy and such.

(Nicholas, asleep in the car)

This morning I woke up to snow. Yep, the white stuff.
In fact, Mr. Nielson woke me up at 3:00 to tell me the news. We sat in bed looking out our window over and under the street light. Large flakes floated down under the orange light. (Someday when I create my own world, street lights won't be that ugly orange color, they will be a warm and cozy yellow color.)

I drove the children to school in my unmentionables, uggs and a sweater.
I wonder when my kids will ask me not to do that anymore.

I ran a few errands this afternoon, and was dropping Nicholas off at a cousins house to play just up the street. He had fallen asleep in the car upon arrival.
He looked just like I wanted to feel at that moment.
Safe, warm, and sleeping.

Claire and I took a trip to Anthropologie in Salt Lake City, for some browsing and a few buys.
She made me swear that everything I bought I would keep for her for her post-puberty years.
I also mentioned how much I loved the store and wished I could live in it.
Claire promised me that her house was going to look just like Anthropologie when she was a Mom. I looked at her like I was looking at a tiny me.
I love my children. They make me laugh, smile, and cry and above all:
they make me think.

Your kids are doing this for you everyday, and if they are not, then its your fault.
Children come with this to bless our lives.
We need to listen to them, so they can share them with us.

For me, to just think about what I'd be missing out on had I died in the airplane crash is unthinkable. I would totally miss the little chats Claire and I have,
like today it was all about Polygamy.
And that would have been sad.

Do you want to know what I think about that?
Or just about any other question?
Go here.

***Speaking of Claire, she will turn 9 tomorrow. I have actually had her for 9 years.***