Friday, July 01, 2016

I Like To Read My Wife's Blog

I like to read my wife’s blog.  
Yes, I live it in real life every day.  
But it’s different reading it online when everyone else can see it too.  
Pictures and all.

For one thing, it’s revealing to know what remains 
on Stephanie’s mind about the events of the day when she sits 
down at about 10 p.m. to write her blog.  
Sometimes she simply reveals whatever is on her mind at that time of day.  
Perhaps a funny memory of Lottie the Unicorn or Ollie playing “Pat Tillman” 
outside, or Nicholas’s latest contraption, or elaborate cooking plans from Jane
or the time when Claire broke her arm.  
Other times she touches on something that is deep in her bones.
Our life may seem very public, but Stephanie Nielson 
is actually the most private person I have ever known.  
Although you’d never guess by her disarming, approachable style.  
She is remarkably thoughtful…more so than any blogger could ever express. 
 She’s good at maintaining a balance between sharing what’s 
interesting and meaningful to our family and also reserving 
some special elements of our life just for us to enjoy.  
But overall, what you see on the blog is what you get in real life around here.
She’s been blogging for 11 years now, 
back when blogs were a new thing, before social media was a thing.  
And before that, she scrapbooked and journaled…on paper…remember that!?  
She still journals on paper.  I’m amazed sometimes when she opens up a journal 
I’ve never seen before that she’s been keeping for years.  
Like one containing spiritual impressions she has, 
or thoughts on books she is reading, or another one 
where she logs her hiking time on the Y, or when her last cycle was, etc.
I can’t contend with her on facts because she remembers everything
 because she writes it down.  
I’m so glad she does because we have a pretty consistent family history recorded.  
And people will always know what she’s about.  
She’s a beautiful woman of faith who thoroughly enjoys her life as a wife and mother.  
She has a tender heart for people who may not have the ideal, 
and especially for those who suffer. 
 She’s grounded, compassionate, and devoted. 
And she shares it all with whoever might be interested.  
Some people read because they want to be inspired by her story.  
Others have a need to criticize and fuss over her choices.  
I’m sure many readers identify simpatico, but I am amazed at how 
diverse followers are, 
maybe total opposites but just curious to know what makes her tick.  
Whoever you are, thanks for checking in every day like you do. 
 I think she’s pretty interesting too. 
Have a wonderful holiday!  Provo is my favorite place to be on the 4th of July. 

Stephanie will be back blogging on Monday!

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