Wednesday, March 30, 2016

American Hero

At the Little Nies elementary school, every 5th grader picks 
an American Hero to highlight and present to parents and students. 
Oliver decided several years ago after hearing about the great Pat Tillman
the amazing football star turned Army ranger-hero, he was going to
be Pat for the wax museum.
He learned and memorized facts and stories about Pat so he 
could become him for the evening.
Ollie dressed up in Army gear and brought some football gear to display.

Pat Tillman is truly an American Hero.
He was an amazing athlete and scholarship student.
Pat played football at ASU before he was drafted to the Arizona Cardinals.  
After September 11th, Pat and his brother enlisted in the US Army,
and Pat left a 3.5 million dollar contract to fight for his country.
Pat was shot and killed in Afganistan.
He sacrificed his life, his new marriage, his family,
and his career to serve his country. What an amazing man! 
Learn more about the Pat Tillman Foundation, which supports vetrans
and their families through academic scholarships.
Also at the wax museum was Stephanie Nielson!
How cute!  I was so honored!!!!
(Good work Ellie!)

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