Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wax Museum/Esther Williams

As tradition at our elementary school, each child in the 5th grade class
 does a report on an American Hero.
This year, Jane chose Esther Williams.  
Esther has been one of my hero's too.  I grew up pretending I was her.
She is graceful, feminine, athletic, and kind.
After the accident I swore I would never show my body in a swimsuit ever again, 
that is until Mr. Nielson bought me an original Esther Williams swimming suit 
then I reconsidered.
I believe every woman should own one.
Also, if you haven't seen any Esther Williams films, HOLY COW
watch one tonight, no- watch it right now!!!

Jane did a wonderful job tonight.  I was so proud of my girl!

PS...Happy First Day of Spring!!!