Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wax Museum

In yesterday's post I told you about how Claire chose me as her 
"American Hero" in the 5th grade wax museum.

Last night she preformed.  
It was adorable! 
I love Claire.  She is such a beautiful and strong little girl.
Every time she spoke her part, I cried.  
My heart was so full of love for her, but also to God.
He preserved my life and these are some of the wonderful-beautiful things 
I get to enjoy here on earth.
My children are growing up before my eyes.  They still do super funny things
and Mr. Nielson and I think about them and laugh in our bed together at night.
 Like when Nicholas called couscous "goose goose" tonight at dinner.
Or when Lottie strangled poor little Gerald today.  Now he runs away from her
when she see's her little hands in his pink throw-up cage.
 {The set-up}
 {She wore my dress I wore a month before my accident}
and my awesome "Easter bonnet" }