Tuesday, March 29, 2011


{This is me. I am trying to hide in my muff. I just had recently gone through another round of laser treatments,
and feeling more ugly than usual. It makes me want to hide}

I am hiding in my home in the "tree streets"-the place I grew up and the place I am raising my children. I love it here. I love the mountains that stand over me.
I love the trees that line the road.
This is my home and always will be.

I am giving myself a few days of nothing. Nothing. No meetings, no doctors appointments, no interviews, nothing. I am really enjoying it.
Today I woke up, ironed, planted flowers, and got in the tub with Nicholas.
Fun times.

It snowed for about 30 minutes today. It was actually very pretty laying softly on my newly planted pansies.
I love Spring. I love new beginnings. I love spending time outside with my children
and motorcycle rides with my man.

So, even though I am hiding for a little while, I am also dreaming of things I want to do and
things I wish for {a baby} so when I am all done hiding I will be back at it.

{Sometimes when I hide, I park like a idiot. Look at this sweet parking job I did}

Happy hiding!