Friday, October 07, 2011

Nicholas is now five/Art show

Ladies and Gentlemen, my youngest child is now five.
I still am rolling in disbelief.
Because I felt like a bump on a log all day long I allowed
my five year old to watch "tartoons" for 4 hours straight while
I lay on the couch with aches, pains, and nausea.
He was pretty happy about spending his birthday morning with Mickey Mouse.
When I finally got up I went to the store to buy Nicholas a birthday cake.
 I felt fine about doing that. Usually I delight in making
birthday cake creations for my lovelies,
but not today and Nicholas didn't care, not one bit. Whew.
{6:30 am- so exciting!}
{The traditional 'Happy Birthday' sign I always hang.
Nicholas blows out his candles in his awesome grocery store birfday cake}

{Sibling lovin'}

{Nicholas plays with his hex bug from Blickenstaffs, and the gifts the girls made him}
Then Nicholas wanted a Cesar salad.
That is what he got.

I am so lucky to live close to Utah's most amazing toy store.
Blickenstaff's to get the greatest gifts ever for Nicholas.
The staff was so helpful, especially since I went into the store asking for a 'robot'.
They found me a robot, a dang cute robot too.
That toy store is amazing. Have you been there yet?
If not, put it on your list for the holiday's.

Some of my favorite posts of Nicholas

{Gigs and his robot...his name was deemed "Jack" within seconds}

Remember the amazing artist Steven Waggoner?
He has painted my babies and adorably called it "NieNies Wee-Nies".
His work {and the paintings} will be featured tomorrow night.
Friday, Oct 7th, 6-9pm
Provo Town Square suite 215 (follow the arrows upstairs)

Come, I'll see you there.
OH, and have you bought your Matthew Mead's Holiday issue?
Go here to buy yours today. Remember, this issue will be available on newsstands
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