Friday, May 13, 2016

Come back to me.

Today I met a landscaper who was doing some work on the trails I hike.
He smiled at me and loudly said:
 "congratulations on getting married".
I was puzzled.
You mean that one time fifteen and a half years ago?  I wasn't sure what to say.
Then he said: "I heard you got married and I think that is really neat".
I tried to imagine his wife or daughter telling him about a burned girl 
who hikes the trail he's working on,
but not to feel sorry for her because she's married??
 I don't know, can't figure it out.
I laughed myself half way up the mountain and then smiled the rest of the way.
Last night I watched a movie alone (since Mr. N is at the ranch),
about a married couple who are madly in love. 
Then the wife gets in a tragic car accident and becomes comatose
for several weeks.
 The devoted husband visits her everyday and everyday
pleads with her to "come back to him".
I couldn't help but think and imagine those dark weeks after the accident
when Mr. Nielson was well enough to visit me as I lay in a coma.
Mr. Nielson can hardly talk about that time in our lives because it was
so hard and so painful for him.
He has told me that he'd come in my room and cry like a 
baby at my side begging me to also: come back to him.
And I did.
Except when I woke up I didn't have beauitful glowing hair and rosy cheeks.
Nor did I retrun home from the hospital 
with a hot body in yoga pants and tank top.
It was pretty much the exact opposite.
Sometimes movies are so dumb.

I don't think he would like that movie at all.
Once we watched The Vow together and it was way too familiar for him.
Curled up on our living room floor we just sobbed. 
(There was a brief moment when I couldn't remember him or our life together-
thanks to all the drugs in my system).
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank God for Christian,
for our life together, for our marriage, for our love, 
the hardships we've faced together, our devotion to each other,
and that time that I came back to him.

* * * * *
Spiritual Enlightenment: Why Marriage, Why Family

PS...It's Friday the 13th....OOoooOooOooohhh