Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How Claire broke her arm

 I realized I never blogged about how Claire epically broke her arm/wrist.
Here it goes:
On Sunday January 25th, 2015 at approximately 4:30, Claire was walking
 down our stairs with a large cushion. 
The cushion was taken from my ottoman for a
"photo shoot project" she was working on upstairs in her bedroom. 
(Claire is very creative and always has something going on, 
like this HERE and HERE).
I had asked her to clean up since it was almost time for
 dinner and I needed her to set the table.
Like the good daughter she is, she began the clean up.
This cushion she was carrying down (our wooden stairs) was almost as tall 
and wide as she is, so her vision was definitely impaired.
As she began walking down the stairs she missed a few steps 
and then it was all over.
Then we heard Claire cry/scream right away, 
and we knew it was probably serious.
There we found Claire staring with HUGE EYES at her dislocated arm/wrist, screaming.
Mr. Nielson advised Claire to not look at her arm 
and then I began putting her shoes on since I knew this was going to be a
one of those ER visits.
I walked Claire out to the car, while giving Jane instructions to put the rolls 
in the oven and watch Lottie and the boys.
As we drove off all the Little Nies stood in the window, hands and faces pressed
up against the glass crying for Claire
 It was pretty dramatic.
We waited in the ER for almost 3 hours.
Claire cried the whole time.
Finally the doctor told us she had a Colles' fracture and then 
put Claire to sleep while he muscled it back into place. 
Mr. Nielson and I stayed in the room to watch.  
A few times I asked the Doctor if she was still alive. 
It looked horrible, and made me really uncomfortable.
Unfortunately Claire broke her left arm/hand.  
This is most unfortunate because Claire is one of the 15% of Americans 
who are left-handed.  
Claire now joins the 10% of Americans who are ambidextrous.  
(those are real numbers, by the way.)
When Claire woke up from the anesthesia, she asked me to film and
document everything...not because she wanted to share it with 
the world on instagram or whatever,  but because she really was excited
to show it to her brothers and sisters when she returned home.
She also wanted to keep everything we used in the ER for the Little Nies hospital
which is currently set up downstairs.
Masks, socks, syringes, x-rays, papers, and tubes all went home with us.
And soon, she began thinking that maybe, just maybe
 this broken arm/wrist thing wasn't such a big deal after all.
And in fact, maybe all this loot she was going to be returning home with
 might just have been worth it.
After a week from the initial break, Claire got herself a sweet blue cast,
which was on for 3 weeks. 
For 3 weeks I bathed Claire, washed her hair, zipped up her pants, 
cut her food, and wrote her homework.
Just last week Claire got another smaller WATER PROOF cast in camo print.
Camo?  Sweeeeeet.
In 2 weeks, Claire will go back to have her cast taken off permanently.
And that is the story about how Claire broke her arm/wrist.

PS...Jane never put the rolls in the oven.