Friday, April 28, 2017

Parachute pants FTW

 Last night Lottie crawled into bed with me.  
That isn't too unusual since she frequently hops in bed with me sometime
during the night without me knowing.  
She's a great little snuggle-bug but last night was the worst.
Last night she just cried and told me  
over and over again that her tooth hurt.
I'd tickle her back and she would clam down and even  
fall asleep for a few minutes.  But just as I would head on back to dreamland,
she would wake up again in pain and tears.
This went on pretty much all night.
So I gave her some medicine which helped us both get a little sleep.
When my alarm when off at 6:30, I literally had to kick myself out of bed. 
I was exhausted and feeling overwhelmed as I led The Little Nies
in our morning routine:
breakfast, scriptures, last minute homework, prayers, 
and then driving and dropping off children to school(s).
Then I went to the boys elementary school where I had committed 
to help set up for the annual art show.
Lottie followed me around the gym in tears.  
Then I drove straight to our dentist (unannounced), who discovered 
that Lottie had an abscessed tooth.
He fixed it right away. (He is the best).
We came home in the rain and got in a warm tub together.
(I won't get all sappy, but I am going to miss these days with her
when she goes to kindergarten!!!).

When the Little Nies got home from school, Lottie brought my 
phone over to me so I could help her find the 
photos I had taken of her at the dentist.
As I strolled through, I looked at myself and died.  I look hammered. 
I was kind of shocked that I let myself go out looking that way.
AND I had parachute pants on for heavens-sake!!!

Thank goodness it's the weekend and 
THANK GOODNESS Mr. Nielson is coming home tonight!!!!

* * * *
Dentist: Cougar Dental 

Thursday, April 27, 2017


When I pick up Jane from school each day, 
I always tell her to run out the door as soon as the bell rings because she
has about 5 minutes before about 15 school
 buses line up and head out of the parking lot.
Once the buses start moving, 
she's stuck on the other side for several minutes.
Today, she got stuck.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Sweep

At my house when the sun is going down and after dinner is gobbled 
and cleaned up, before showers turn on and kids start getting ready for bed,
 I make The Little Nies do a "sweep" of the house.
This is a time when we pick up toys, put away homework, backpacks, and any dishes we find floating around the house (like under couches).  
Tonight I put Lottie and I in charge of picking up the porch area.
When I say "Lottie and I", I really just mean me because while I worked, 
she spoke and sang to herself and took pictures with my phone.
(She's pretty good at figuring out the self-timer).