Monday, October 24, 2016

Dear Camp 2016

Over the weekend Mr. Nielson, Ollie and Gigs went on the deer hunt, but
I should clarify, when I say "deer hunt", I really mean "dear camp".  
You know Mr. Nielson isn't much of a hunter, 
but we value the deer hunt tradition as it has been apart
of the Clark family for years.
It's fun for the boys to be with their
 cousins, uncles and of course Grandpa.

The girls and I dropped the boys off Thursday afternoon and hiked
with them a little of the way to their camp spot.  
I had Lottie on my back and I'll
admit, I was dying.  She was super heavy and wiggly.  
But I was sure grateful for my healthy capable body that pushed on.

The day couldn't have been more beautiful, crisp and colorful.
On the trail home Claire asked me questions about what I was like
in high school.  I was pretty nerdy, but also had the nickname
"homebody" because I really just wanted to spend my time at home 
with my siblings and parents.
I wasn't very social, kind of like Claire.

While the boys were gone, I introduced "Poldark" (thanks to GrandMary),
 to the girls- who immediately fell in love.  
We stayed up late watching all of season one, (hours and hours worth)
 and I let them fall asleep on the couch, then in the morning
we caught up on season two.  Good good times.
While Christian and I slept apart, Lottie dominated my bed
 and I thought about who had it worse, me or Mr. Nielson.
 I knew Mr. Nielson was in the mountains probably
sleeping in a tent with about five other stinky boy bodies.
It was probably windy and freezing.
He definitely had it worse, plus who am I kidding--
Lottie dominates my bed like this every night.

Camps from yesteryears:

Friday, October 21, 2016


 I downloaded the newest version on my computer last night.
And it was taking like 500 years to update all my photos, 
so I can't blog about my fanstastic day hiking with
 Christian and my Little Nies because of course I need my photos.
Last time I checked on it's status, (about 40 minutes into the update)
 my photos were only 4% downloaded.  

So here is a photo I have sitting on my desktop:
Lottie watching a Halloween movie.  

It seems like we have been watching a lot of TV lately.
And we have, it's Fall break and the girls and I watched the entire Poldark
season 1- in one night.  And now we are all caught on season 2 too.
We might be slightly obsessed....ok totally obsessed.  
If your not into it: WATCH IT. NOW!

Happy weekend!
Spiritual Enlightenment: "Abide in My Love"

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Look at me, not my trial

I teach my children that the greatest thing we can do as a human race, 
is look people in the eyes and see them they way God see’s them- beautiful.  
No matter what.  The eyes say it all, and most the time they are saying,
 look at me, not my trial.