Thursday, August 17, 2017

For Sale: Fox Hill

Our beloved home Fox Hill is now officially for sale in Provo.
This home has been a labor of love and seeing it go is bittersweet.
It has been our dream to build in Provo, in the foothills, 
close to the mountains that I adore, and so close to family.
We made it happen and enjoyed it for almost four years.
But sometimes God has other plans, and we trust in Him.
You can watch a home tour video HERE.
Contact: Woodley Real estate for more information.
Also, check out the TODAY.COM Fox Hill home tour HERE.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Beauty for Ashes

Nine years.
It's been nine years since our airplane accident.
So much has happened since that horrible hot day in August.
But that horribleness has turned into goodness and the change has been good.
I am grateful for a husband who has been loyal to me and our marriage.
I am grateful for my children who have encouraged me and helped me find: me.
I am grateful for family who were then and are now so supportive.
And I am grateful to God who has
 preserved my life and brought me back from the dead.
I gave a devotional to the students and staff of BYUI last October entitled:
Beauty for Ashes.
You can read (or watch) it HERE.
Today my family will take a day off and celebrate life,
and our second chance together.

"So, you see, the legend of the beautiful phoenix 
isn't just a story to me; it's my story and your story.
 If we let the Atonement work in our lives, 
we can be as a phoenix and rise from pain, 
despair, grief, tragedy, and heartache. 
The Son of God makes that possible. 
The Atonement can lift us up in beauty from our ashes,
 as Isaiah promises: "beauty for ashes"

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Today was the first day of school.
It was exhausting and everything was very new.  
So many new faces, new teachers, 
and new rules that the kids felt overwhelmed when
 I picked them up.  So did I because:
I got lost finding Ollie's school and was about 45 minutes late picking him up.
I went in the wrong way to Nicholas's pick up line and had to wait
 in the back of the line, which made me late picking up Ollie whose
his school is 30 minutes away from Nicholas's school.
(It makes me tired just typing it out).
 I made Claire and Jane meet me in another parking lot far 
away from their school so I didn't have to wait in the pick up line because
I wasn't totally sure how to get in.
I have to admit, I was a little bit grouchy- not how 
I wanted to be when I greeted them for the first day. 
I went to bed way late the night before and was paying for it around 3:00 pm.
Also Mr. Nielson really hurt his back today and has been in lots of pain:
Is it bad to say that I am already excited for the weekend?

The sweet Bishop of our church congregation and his family
(who live miles away from the ranch), invited us over for dinner
 which was so very nice of them.
 I am thankful that we have met some very wonderful people here
who love and support our family.
Despite it being a little bumpy day, isn't the sky amazing?!

Also: tomorrow is a very special day for our family.