Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer on the Ranch day 3

This morning Nicholas ran into my room and told me that our barn cat
 (whom Lottie named "Rajah"), was having kittens!
 It was so exciting and Lottie couldn't contain herself.
And sure enough, there was young little Rajah under the rose bush birthing
what looked like little black mice.
I think Lottie thought she would have little furry pink nosed kitties,
and was a little unimpressed with what she saw, but stayed and
 watched the whole process nonetheless.
 The boys probably rode Bae a thousand times around
 the ranch house dressed up like Jim Craig.

They also played pioneers and even used the large
over-sized squash and zucchini from the garden as little pioneer babies.
 In the evening after dinner Mr. Nielson and I slipped away again,
this time on a wheeler.

We drove around to our favorite spots on the ranch including a place
where if we could, we would build a ranch home that Georgia O'Keeffe
would approve of.
We also wheeled over to "Hidden Canyon"
where cool rock formations have been created-
it's beautiful, rugged and wild.
 We stayed until we heard the coyotes howl and we knew it was
 time to head back to headquarters.
The ranch is beautiful country,
we play hard, sleep great, and look forward to what tomorrow will bring
(and I hope it's another thunderstorm).
* * * * * *
Also while at the ranch I am scheming up plans for our
2016-17 Back to School Feast planned for August 10th.
I ordered my stained glass stars today.  Do you have yours?

* * * * * *
Mr. Nielson and I are chatting today...even from the ranch!

 photo chat with me_zps8ajcfiaq.png

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer on the Ranch day 2

Early this morning before the ranch house awoke, Mr. Nielson and I
 slipped out the front door and into the pastures.  
We have a workout routine that we developed some years back together...
kind of like cross fit, but way cooler.  
We sprint from telephone pole to telephone pole, do push ups on the
 salt-lick tubs, and squats up against the water tank. 
On our run home we came across the cows- or the "ladies",
 (as Christian calls them) at the water hole.  
They are fascinated with us, and I think I am equally as fascinated with them.  
They came right up to us, smelled us, and licked our salty skin.  
 After we got home, ate, and showered up, we helped Boss fill up the water hole.
Today and tomorrow more of the Nielson cousins will be arriving,
 and the water hole will be a nice escape from the New Mexico heat.  
We also loaded up Big Red, the ranch truck and let both Claire and Jane
 take turns driving her on the dusty ranch roads.  

The boys sat in the back with their pistols ready to shoot prairie dogs.
The days are slow up here, and time moves like molasses.  
Then Mr. Nielson saddled up Ol Bae and we all took turns riding him
under the stormy sky.
Then I got really hot and had to go inside, take my shirt off and lie
 on my bed near the fan om full blast.
Paint by number day 2:
 Moving right along!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer on the Ranch day 1

When we rolled to the ranch late Saturday afternoon,
the clouds had begun to form in big dark clumps. 
 The sky was majestic- and loud. 
 Lottie's eyes would light up every time the thunder roared, 
and my heart was very, very happy. 
When we got to the ranch house,
Lottie climbed up on her bed and read stories while I went
 outside on the balcony to take in the glory of the ranch after dusk.
I watched our cows grazing the blonde grass just outside the gate.
I slept well that night.
Sunday we woke up and attended church in town. 
 It was a wonderful service, with wonderful people. 
After church we piled into the car and drove to
 the Zuni mountains where we stopped for a picnic.
When we got home, Mr. Nielson and I took a nap on the bed upstairs
with the windows wide open.
Outside we listened to the Little Nies
 playing pioneers and scream every time the thunder boomed.

Oh, and yes I am working on another paint by number.
It's a tradition!

"Look mom! Jeremy is giving Jeremy (Lottie named both frogs Jeremy)
a piggyback ride!!"
(NO animals were hurt in the hands of Lottie)