Monday, August 21, 2017

Traditions and belt buckles.

We finally have unpacked enough boxes that I decided it 
was time resume our usual traditions such as: Pizza Night.
And it was also time to start new ones like: Exploring Saturday. 
 (I know it's a cheesy name, I can't think of anything more clever).

Pizza night is an important family tradition
because we've been doing it for years,
 and I knew it would really help us feel settled--
as much as possible right now anyway.
The oven at the ranch house oven is tricky to regulate 
but I think I figured out how to make pizza perfectly.
 I also think we will need to build an outdoor pizza oven in our new homestead.
Everyday I wake up in this beautiful place and stare at so much land, 
land that I am dying to explore.
Each early morning weekday I find and run a new trail
 and one morning after a wonderful run, I came home
and talked to Mr. Nielson about spending our Saturday's
 as a day to explore the ranch as a family.
So last Saturday after jobs were completed, we jumped on the wheeler's and 
Mr. Nielson took us to a place northwest of the ranch headquarters 
where we hiked around dry river beds and rough rock formations.

The sky was dark and ominous as we stopped under a
overhanging boulder and near a huge fallen pine tree to eat our packed lunch.
We had to be back in time for Clane to leave and attend their first
 youth dance with kids from several others areas of New Mexico and Arizona. 
The dance was about 2 1/2 hours away so I drove the girls to the
 local Dairy Queen where they jumped in the car with other
 youth and members of our church congregation. 
 They had tears in their eyes when we said goodbye, because they
were not too keen on the idea of the whole event.
But, Mr. Nielson was pretty adamant they go and meet other kids their ages.
 I was so proud of them for being brave and doing it.
Plus, you can do anything when you have your sister as your bestie.
Around 12:30 a.m. Mr. Nielson drove off the ranch road
in the thick darkness back to the 
Dairy Queen parking lot where he picked up Clane.
 I stayed up until 1:00 waiting for them to come home to tell me about it!
The report was: the first few hours were rough, (get to know you games, 
dancing in front of others--you know things teenagers typically hate-
well, my teenagers anyway). 
But the slow dancing dancing part was fun, they said
and the girls met some cute friends (boys too!).
One of my girls (not mentioning any names), 
danced with the same boy (not mentioning his name either) several times. 
Sounds like they really hit it off, and she was really excited.
He also wore a big belt buckle, and she swoooooned!
(Sure wish I had a pics of the evening).
But I did happen to take a picture of the evening sky
and cotton candy clouds.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Feast Details

The theme is ready and printed out for our Back to School Feast and
I was so hoping we could have it this weekend-
or even this upcoming Monday but unfortunately, I'm just not ready yet.
With the move and settling in here at the ranch
 we will wait another week.  The Little Nies
are so patient with me and they know that I won't just slap together this feast.
 This is a big deal for our family and I want it to be right.
I know that some of you are having your feasts (or have already celebrated), 
I hope you are using or will use  #BACKTOSCHOOLFEAST 
if you post on social media. 
 We all want to see what you've come up with, 
what you eat, and what your new theme is! 

Besides our delicious dinner, our feasts include:
Our name/grade/theme glass stars

Custom theme print:
A Vintage Poster

Crowns made by yours truly:

Back to School notebooks and drawing pads:

This year we will be wearing white to our feast.
I found the best lightweight summer dresses at Roolee Boutique 
for us girls like this one:
And last year I added a new tradition to our feast:
Our new family theme on a one-of-a-kind gorgeous quilt.
Stitched can sew anything (like your new school/family theme or scripture)
 on a beautifully colored quilt.

Can't wait to show you this years feast in all its glory!
Including our new family theme!!!

So much has happened on the ranch.
  A lot of changes and readjustments.
I am grateful for the weekend so we can reevaluate and relax.
Wow, I feel overwhelmed...but in a peaceful way.  

Have a wonderful weekend!
Spiritual Enlightenment: Let the Holy Spirit Guide

You can see more from last years feast HERE

Also to note: we will miss you Mr. Justin Hackworth!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

For Sale: Fox Hill

Our beloved home Fox Hill is now officially for sale in Provo.
This home has been a labor of love and seeing it go is bittersweet.
It has been our dream to build in Provo, in the foothills, 
close to the mountains that I adore, and so close to family.
We made it happen and enjoyed it for almost four years.
But sometimes God has other plans, and we trust in Him.
You can watch a home tour video HERE.
Contact: Woodley Real estate for more information.
Also, check out the TODAY.COM Fox Hill home tour HERE.