Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Darlings In The Sky

 I've been organizing our family photos and came across these
darling photos of Claire and Jane on Christian's feet in 2005
when we lived on Harvey Circle in New Jersey.
Then I found a photo of Lottie on my feet in 2017
while living at Fox Hill in Utah.
All three girls are around the same age (around 5).

Looking through these photos have made me so nostalgic 
and brings so many feelings to my heart.

Monday, January 20, 2020


A few days ago Oliver slumped down on my bed as I 
was reading on the couch.
Then he told me he wanted to spend more time with me
so I told him to ask me out on a little date.
I told him that I would pay, but he needed to plan the whole afternoon.
He will begin dating in less than a year and I 
think a few mother-son dates will be good practice.
I'm excited to hear what's planned.

He used to look like this:
(And I looked that that).

Friday, January 17, 2020

Finals complete!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Welcome weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Nies have been taking finals all week and it's been a doozy!
They (we) are exhausted, and the old mom-bus has been wheels
 down almost every hour of the day as I drive
 to the school and back for testing times and study groups.
Also it should be noted that this final week will be the last that Claire 
will ever have in High School as she is D-O-N-E!
 (I feel super proud of her for finishing early
AND taking precalculus honors class).
I snapped this photo of Jane after she came home from 
her last final this afternoon and collapsed on the couch:
Tonight as I was looking through old photos I happened
 to come across a photo I had taken exactly one year ago today:
 Look familiar?  

We are also that pretty excited that this weekend 
could possibly bring some January weather. 
 I hear the high will be 43 tomorrow....yessssssssssss!!
* * * * *
I gave Mr. Nielson this amazing framed Book of Mormon poster 
for his birthday last year and 
it's one of our very favorite pieces of art!

It's the WHOLE BOOK OF MORMON printed on one poster.  
Did you hear me, I said THE WHOLE BOOK OF MORMON
all 531 pages in tiny text on one poster!
It's magnificent!
(you can use MYFRIENDS for 15% off yours)

Spiritual Enlightenment: Power to Overcome the Adversary
"My dear friends, please do not let anyone steal your happiness. 
Do not compare yourself to others. 
Please remember the loving words of the Savior: 
“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: 
not as the world giveth, 
give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, 
neither let it be afraid.”