Friday, November 17, 2017

Good books

I love reading books to my children.
I especially love holiday books and have more than several for each occasion.
If I had the time (and I wish I did), I would read thousands of
 pages to them and probably all in one sitting too.
And I absolutely love reading pictures books.
Usually at the end of the day and after showers, we get in my bed covers and
 and read story books until it's time for dreamland.
One of my very favorite elements of The Good & the Beautiful
 home school curriculum (which is what I am using for Charlotte and Nicholas), 
is a wonderful book list that accompanies the lessons.  
During school we have discussed many times the importance
 and the power that good books can bring into lives.  
Books that are wholesome, clean, uplifting, and give good messages. 

The Good & the Beautiful has produced a list of wonderful books for every age.  
I always tell my kids that good books are for the soul what
 water is for the body: soothing, refreshing, healthy, and healing.
Now until November 25th, you can download the book list free!
I hope you enjoy it with your family  HERE.
Happy Thanksgiving!!
(Angus is a fan of the good word.)

Here is a list of my favorite Thanksgiving picture books:

Happy weekend! 
Speaking of books and children, Spiritual Enlightenment:

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Evening of Excellence

In the Mormon church, we celebrate girls and women for who they are, 
and what they are accomplishing in their lives.
The young women (ages 12-18) are recognized for the
 good things they are doing in a event called "Young Women in Excellence".
The girls display to those in attendance like;
family members, friends, other church members, and leaders
what she is working on or completed that year.
Often times girls will preform a skill or talent to the group.
Claire brought some of her amazing art work and paintings to display
and then spoke about how she has been preparing for her future by taking school
seriously, serving others (like me!!),
and how she's learning that making wise choices
will bless her life as a woman, mother, and wife one day.

Jane brought a recipe book that she's been working on.
She has been collecting and gathering all different
yummy recipes for her future family.
She also displayed gardening tools, her scriptures,
 and a journal (one out of the 30 she has)
to show her dedication to writing her life history.
Women are disciples of Jesus Christ, and every woman in the
 Church is given the responsibility
 to know and defend the divine roles of women. 
These include that of wife, mother, sister, aunt, and friend. 
They stand strong and immovable in faith, family, and in relief. 
Women participate in councils that oversee
congregational activities throughout the world. 
They also have, by divine nature, the greater and responsibility
 for home and children and nurturing there in in other settings.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

4th time.

Last month we finished reading the Book of Mormon
as a family for the 4th time!!  
Each morning our family of seven sits down 
at the kitchen table and we read two pages.  
We each read two verses at a time and Lottie wanders 
around the room, or draws, or sits on my lap, or 
sometimes she asks me to whisper in her ear 
a verse so she can "read" out loud too.
Reading the Book of Mormon together as a family has been a strength
 to us, and we have tangibly felt blessed with wisdom,
 greater patience, kindness, peace, and love for each other.
We have been through some major changes especially lately with the move, 
but one constant in our lives have been our daily scripture reading.   
Last year Nicholas was really struggling in school with reading.  
He was getting tutored to help him get caught up
with the other children his age.
One day, I felt prompted to promise Nicholas 
that if he would really make an effort
to get up and read scriptures with us in the early mornings
 (when it was still dark), his reading would improve.
Within a few weeks Nicholas's efforts paid off. 
 At school he was reading at a faster pace,
keeping up with the other children, and his comprehension improved.
It was truly a miracle.  The Book of Mormon is a miracle.

Some mornings are busy while we rush through the verses, some mornings
 we eat breakfast while reading, some mornings we are really sleepy,
 and some mornings we don't all quite make it to the table (or fall asleep).
But we know it is a true book, and we know the power
 that comes from consistently reading it, and we love it.

Back in 2013, each of us wrote down our feelings for the Savior
and love for The Book of Mormon.
Enjoy what each Litte Nie wrote: