Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The day I spent in the car.

Today I think I spent about 86% of my day in the car.  
Taking the Little Nies to school, returning school clothes, 
grocery shopping, post office, grocery store (again for something I forgot), 
Target run, Costco for gas, and then I picked up the Little Nies
 (one by one) from school, etc etc....
After running practically all throughout the Provo/Orem area,
experiencing a few melt-downs from Lottie, 
then discovering a stolen sticker book in the corner of Lottie's carseat, 
(which was returned),
I made an executive decisions to eat out.  Again. 
 (We ate out last night).
It was just what we all needed.  I think we were all pretty hangry.
I love my children.  They are sweethearts, and they get along so well.
Tonight at family prayer I prayed aloud to God thanking Him
for all we have been given.  We are lucky and a very blessed family.
I also asked God to help us be patient with Charlotte.
She is in a little phase where she screams a lot-
and wears Disney ankle socks with her sandals.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fluffy pillows

Mr. Nielson has left us to check on his "other girls"- the heifers.
He will be gone all week at the ranch in New Mexico.
I think this week I will try the online shopping option at my
local grocery store.  That actually sounds pretty nice not to have to 
wander up and down the isles...or does it.  (I'm kind of a control person).
Lottie will probably really miss getting her weekly chocolate donut.
Which leads me to wonder if they would throw a few donuts into the cart for me?

Not having to go to the store would probably mean that 
I can spend more time in the "book nook" snuggled up with Lottie
and loads of our favorite fluffy pillows reading together.
I am so anxious to get out our fall/Halloween books.  
Seriously, It can't come soon enough!

Speaking of pillows: Latter-Day Home  (online Christian art) is offering 15%
on their entire store.  Look for some really great Back to School offers.
My favorites: Pillows, art, gifts, and the cutest dolls .
Use code NIENIE.  Offer good until 9/5/16

Monday, August 29, 2016


Happy Monday.

On Sundays my parents always come to Fox Hill to have dinner
and spend the evening with us.
Last night when it started to get late we walked 
them to their car and said goodbye.
After they left, the Little Nies begged me to play a basketball game with them. 
(You know, I did play a little ball in high school
so I am pretty much really awesome).
Anyway, the game came to a sudden halt when Mr. Nielson challenged me 
to a hot and heavy game of speed--which I agreed to.
It then ended when I was totally beating him and he cheated, 
and then felt stupid, and then I laughed so hard that 
I wet my pants right in the driveway.