Friday, December 09, 2016

Christmas In The City

 Last night Mr. Nielson and I packed everyone in the car and drove to
the colorful and busy Salt Lake City to have our family Christmas photos taken.
We've been taking photos each year with Tyler and Wendy (Blue Lily) since 2008.  
They're practically family!
Anyway, our shoot was a snazzy one with sequins and fur.  
After we took photos in the cold, my little family wandered around the city 
admiring the gorgeous sparkly lights and occasional snow flurries.
We stopped and had dinner with hot chocolate, plus two cups extra;
one to give to a city performer on the street,
and one to a police woman protecting the streets--
both much deserving of some Christmas cheer.
Tonight as we knelt down and prayed together we 
thanked God for our warm beds, good food, the gospel of 
Jesus Christ, our health, good friends, our safe neighborhood, 
our freedom, and the traditions and memories we are making each day together.

* * * * * * *
What we are doing:
Inviting a wonderful older woman in our neighborhood for dinner.

Yesterdays Theme:
What we did:
We prayed for several people in our lives like
our family, friends, church leaders, strangers, and government leaders.
I believe in the power of prayer.
* * * * * * 
Have a wonderful weekend
Spiritual Enlightenment: Peace in This Life.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

He's home.

Mr. Nielson is HOME from the ranch.
He walked in the door, put down his bags, kissed me, 
made a fire in our cozy fireplace, 
and then helped Jane with her math homework.
Tonight we are headed to Salt Lake City to take our family
Christmas photos.  I hope it snows!

* * * * * * *
What we are doing:
Each of us picked three individuals, families, or circumstances to pray for.
I wrote them all down on a piece of paper
and taped them up  in them in the kitchen.

 Yesterday's theme:
Jesus Fed The Hungry And so Can You.

We donated canned foods to our elementary school's food drive.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Just a trim.

Join me today at 10:00 (MDT)
to chat!

Tonight I took my three girls to get trims.
When I told Lottie she was going to get her haircut,
she frowned and big tears welled up in her big brown eyes.
In her mind I think she must have envisioned
herself with a buzz or something dramatic.

I told her we wouldn't cut it short, just a tiny bit.
She reluctantly grabbed a very small chunk of her hair,
shoved it in my face and said that they could cut "this guy".  
* * * * * * *
What we are doing:
Donating food to the school's food drive.

 Yesterday's theme:

7:00 am morning scripture study...still dark outside.