Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Ice cream for Dinner


Today the kids Hygged it out in the living room in front of the TV.  

Too much sun at the beach yesterday probably contributed to this lazy day,

but also because the Nies are obsessed with the mini-series called Turn

and can't seem to stop.  You know how that goes.

 Chickie and Lolo have never seen or heard of this Revolutionary thriller series,

and the Nies were really excited 

to watch it again with them (for probably the 5th time).

Around 6:00 they decided to take a break from binge-watching to 

drive into the country with me to pick up Jane from work at the farm.

I took the kids to our favorite creamery which sits in the middle of a cornfield

where we had ice cream for dinner. 

Lottie's ice cream plopped on the grass at her first lick

which was a dramatic scene, but all turned out.

I've been talking to Chickie and Lo about the miracle of fireflies since they

arrived here hoping we'd see some.

The fireflies are dwindling as the summer fades, but lucky 

for us, they spotted a few blinks as we drove home through the canyon of trees.

And now as I type this the kids are on Season 2 of Turn and going strong.

These are good memories.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

On the Isle

We packed up the car (and the bucket bike) and headed to our
 favorite beach on Emerald Isle which is part of North Carolina's Crystal Coast.
In the car on the way to the beach we found ourselves
driving in the middle of a
 scary rainstorm complete with thunder and lighting.  
I was discouraged thinking our beach day was a flop, 
but just as we arrived in the darling town of Emerald Isle,
 the sun was shining and it turned into one of our best beach days to date.
The weather was lovely, the sand was soft (and hot),
and the water was the perfect temperature.
I'm so enjoying having my nieces visiting with us!
They feel more like two of my daughters, and fit in with
us Nielsons perfectly!  
We searched for shells, lounged in the super warm tide pools,
(Lolo fell asleep!), and we buried Nicholas in the sand.
(I don't know what was more miserable to watch; seeing
him powerless in the sand hole or his hair in his face.)
Can you tell Lottie is in love with Drew?

I was there too, and here's a selfie to prove it!

Monday, August 10, 2020

Visitors from the Wild West

 Yesterday afternoon Christian and I picked up my two nieces, 

Chicky and Lolee (or Lolo, or Lo) at the airport. 

They flew into humid North Carolina from Utah to spend the week with our family

 and be forced to eat a non-meat diet, and to drink large amounts of my favorite Bubly drinks.

(I hope they don't mind!).

It's so nice to have them close, they are such a breath of fresh air and Lottie has taken

to Chicky so deeply that I fear I might need to intervene or Lottie

 will monopolize Chicky for the whole trip.

If Lottie had it her way, the two of them would be

 playing with her stuffed animals the whole time.

We had dinner (grain bowls) and then sat out 

on the porch to swing away the evening.

Today we are headed to the beach! 80-degree beach water here we come!

Sunday, August 09, 2020

Home Church Week 22/ Saving Us

 Yesterday in our family Home Church service we discussed the roles of the Savior

 and how saving us was His mission on earth.

This understanding is so crucial and important as we grow

 and learn in the Savior and discover our relationship with Him.  

And it's important to me that my Nies understand this powerful knowledge, 

and have it written on their hearts 

so they can boldly share His plan with others.

 We will have opportunities to share our love and devotion to Christ

whether to our children, spouses, co-workers, in the check-out line, 

as full-time missionaries, friends, or at the dinner table as a family. 

 This is important stuff.

Each Nie read about the Savior and His role as the:







If we know who He is, and what He has done for us,

we can understand His love for us and how 

within His plan, "the roles of Jesus Christ make our eternal growth possible. 

Jesus is “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6)."

Today my two nieces from Utah are coming to visit The White House

 for a week before we're chained to the computers again for school.  Oh boy.

*Hey Claire, if you're reading this, I'm still waiting on my

new and improved blog banner.  Remember that plan?

 Love, mom ;)

Thursday, August 06, 2020

Top 5 Favorite


 Last night we had our full-time missionaries over for dinner.

I made black bean halloumi tacos with pineapple salsa & aji verde.

I also made homemade corn tortillas which turned out slightly dry, but 

delicious considering they were homemade.

Because of the COID restrictions, the elders can't come inside the house,

shake our hands, and they have to sit six feet away from us,

which they did so obediently.

Elder Miner said that my tacos were his top 5 favorite tacos HE'S EVER EATEN!

(And he's on a temporary mission assignment here from Mexico

while he waits out COVID. So you know, he's had some good tacos).

 I think he ate like six.

Gigs wowed them with Fern the hedgehog and we 

had a little firework show out on the street.

Next week we welcome to The White House two of my nieces

from Utah.  I am excited to have some visitors and be able to 

show off this beautiful place I call home.

* * * * * *

Spiritual Enlightenment: Realize Your Full Potential

"When you really understand who you are,

it is not difficult to resist Satan’s temptations. 

Then he can’t thwart the development of your true potential."