Wednesday, May 24, 2017

It's beginning to look a lot like Summer.

This morning Mr. Nielson pulled the cover off the pool and 
began the process of opening up it up for the summer! 
Lottie saw the cover open and screamed with delight.  
She stripped down as fast as she could and put her swimming suit
 on right away where it stayed on until bed time.
Lottie jumped into the freezing cold water over and over again, 
and after lunch she ran out of gas and napped for several hours.
Our favorite summer days are spent in swimming suits. 
Here we go...welcome summer!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Clane in charge.

I put Claire and Jane in charge of the household while Mr. Nielson and I 
were gone to Laguna Beach last week for the wedding.
For three days and two nights Clane took over the house, the boys, and Lottie.
They made meals, cleaned the house, made lunches for school, 
put everyone to bed, woke everyone up, and never complained.  Never complained.
Jane sent me pictures of her and Lottie reading stories in my bed, 
playing fairies outside, and Claire moved Lottie's mattress off her
 bed and on the floor of Claire's bedroom so they would be close at night.

Today after the Little Nies got home from school, I picked up Nicholas's
backpack from off the floor to hang up, and noticed inside
was a little note Claire had written him.
In Claire's maternal wisdom, and knowing
 Nicholas would be nervous knowing he wouldn't be able to call me or
Christian if he needed anything while we were gone, she had written
her phone number on the note.

I also noticed that the kids had read two chapters of scriptures
 together because this morning when we went to read, my book was 
  two chapters behind.
Ollie informed me that they had kneeling prayers together each morning
before school.
I don't even think I could pay the best babysitter in the world to do as good of
job as Clane did.
 I feel a little weepy as I type this.  I am so grateful for good children,
specifically for good daughters who are practicing their mothering skills 
and talents on their siblings so they will one day
 become amazing mothers in their own homes and 
with their own children and families.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Wedding in Laguna

Last week Mr. Nielson and I left the Little Nies and drove to Laguna Beach, CA 
where we celebrated the wedding of one of my favorite nieces, Perry.
Perry married the adorable Christian Jacobsen from Florida.
Everything about the wedding was gorgeous.
Perry and Christian were married in the Newport Beach Mormon Temple
with family and close friends in attendance.
After the wedding, we enjoyed a lovely lunch at
the beautiful home of good friends.

Mr. Nielson and I really enjoyed reflecting on our own wedding day and 
courtship 17 years ago.  
Our number one goal as we started our marriage was to have
a family right away.  And we did, and that has been the 
best choice that we have ever made together.
Other wonderful CA activities included: 
-Eating out.
-Napping/walking on the beach.
-Sleeping in.

 The End.

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