Friday, May 22, 2020


Last night we were talking about what are we most excited about
when the quarantine lifts and life gets back to normal, (or semi-normal).
We all agreed that we are most excited for 
the doggy salons to open and for Angus to get his haircut!
Also mentioned was:
 the library
our Barre3 studio
and, our favorite breakfast joint in Chapel Hill.

I came across this photo 2 years ago, and I love it so much.
I wish I could freeze the Nies.
I feel like SO much change is happening in our family, 
and I'm not exactly ready for it.
But, ready or not, here it comes.

Spiritual Enlightenment: Personal Revelation is Essential 
 “I am hoping we have all learned about being self-reliant
 and taking responsibility for our own faith 
and our own spiritual progress.”

Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Cub

Angus hasn't had a haircut for nearly three months now
 and it feels like we are living with a small bear cub.
(Our local groomers will open officially on the 29th!!)
So today when the boys jumped on their motorcycles in the pouring rain
with Angus running next to the tires headed to the nearby field,
I felt overwhelmed.
Bathing Angus is hard work.  Hard SUPER messy work.
So I gathered up several heavy towels 
and plopped them near the tub then grabbed 
Mr. Nielson and left the premises.  

To my surprise, the boys came home, bathed Angus, wiped everything
down, put the dirty wet clothes in the mudroom sink,
AND to top it all off Gigs even wrote me a sweet note.

"To: Mom
thank you for cleaning the house and making
dinner for us.  thank you for doing my laundry every day."

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Bedtime Routine.

Because it's pre-hurricane season here in North Carolina,
 we've been having some fantastic rainy weather,
and I couldn't be happier about it.
(About the rainy weather, not the hurricanes!)
Each night before bed I turn my mattress heater up to high
 while I complete my bedtime routine.
After I'm in bed, I turn the temperature down to the lowest setting
so I will stay warm all night long- but not sweating like a pig.
Then I turn on the thunderstorm sleep sound 
on my Calm app which plays for exactly 45 minutes.
It's a lovely mix of pouring rain and loud claps of thunder.
It sends me right off to dreamland (Mr. Nielson likes it too!)
Except for last night, I didn't need to play it because I just opened my 
windows wide and enjoyed the real thing.

I'm real glad I wrote this post because I'm pretty sure at some point
 my great-great-granddaughter will want to know my bedtime routine. ;)

Monday, May 18, 2020

The fish in my sink.

A few weeks ago I posted about Nicholas and Lottie
 kayaking in the pond near our home.
Today they decided to fish in the pond.
I was busy putting groceries away when they explained 
to me their desire to go fishing in the nearby pond.
I readily agreed mostly because it's the worst when 
I'm putting groceries away and kids are hovering around the
sacks picking out food to eat rather than helping me put it away.
So having them out of the kitchen sounded good to me.
They took the bucket bike and headed to the pond,
Lottie was holding tightly with one hand to the side of the bucket 
and the other hand holding two fishing poles while Gigs peddled.
About an hour later Nicholas and Lottie waltzed in the kitchen with 
a grocery sack full of water and fish.  Lottie yelled to me
as Nicholas dumped the sack of water and fish into my kitchen sink.
"Look, mom, I caught my first fish!" 
Sure enough, there were five small pond fish swimming around the sink.
(I hate the way fish smell).
I tried to be super excited so as not to hurt their feelings, but I had to ask
when they were going to take them back.
They hadn't thought that far. In fact, it sounded like
 they hadn't even thought of taking them back at all.
Lottie even said she was hoping I'd cook them up for dinner.
Yuck.  A million times yuck.
Finally, Mr. Nielson walked in from his office to check out the fish.
I was super grateful for his enthusiastic response to the kids and the fish
because it made them feel really special for catching them.
I could never give that to them- not even by pretending.
Mr. Nielson then explained to them that the fish needed
to go back to the pond where they would be able to breathe
better and be happier.

Nicholas plopped the fish back into a grocery sack filled with water
then put the sack around his neck and drove back to the pond
to release the fish.
I tried to photograph him driving off,
but I was laughing too hard.  
I love Gigs and his brilliant mind.
Two years ago my pinkie was amputated.
This morning Mr. Nielson said to me,
"Two years ago something happened today".
Then he held up nine fingers,
"And I'll give you NINE guesses!"
I couldn't think of what it could be.  
He kept saying "NINE guesses" over and over 
and even held up his hands with nine fingers showing.
It took me a few minutes, but eventually, I figured it out.
RIP Pink!

Home Church Week 9/ weekend review

In addition to taking the sacrament this week in home church, 
we listened to a wonderful devotional online by our local church leaders.  
The messages promoted peace and faith over fear during
 this pandemic phase of life. 
 It was just what I needed to hear.
The boys had a wonderful time together
 in the mountains riding motorcycles and doing that kind of stuff.
They had so much fun in fact that we planned a family camping 
trip in June so we can all enjoy the fresh mountain air and the
 "Hygge-mobile" aka: the truck covered wagon.

Us gals had loads of fun. 
 I wallpapered the stairs, we ate out, and Target was involved.
We also played a game that Lottie had designed and for 
about 25 minutes we basically made up steps and rules
while Lottie oversaw it all.
There were some good laughs and at one point
Claire had to give Jane a kiss on the cheek.
Then we decided to take
 Angus out on a midnight walk around the neighborhood.
The four of us walked around the block in our PJ's in the dark 
under the bright stars.
We came home and collapsed in my bed...all four of us.
I didn't sleep very well but knowing that all my 
girls were with me was soo worth it!
In the morning we worked in the garden together planting more seeds since
 Peter Cottontail ate our crop of carrot tops and beets.  
Earlier last week I asked the boys to reinforce the garden fence
 with chicken wire so little critters can't get in.
To finsih our day before the boys returned, Jane and I strung white lights under
 the "fairy tree" in the front yard, and it looks pretty magical.
The boys came home with stories to tell, 
pictures to share, and dirty clothes.