Friday, March 24, 2017


I am excited to announce that this is one of my very favorite weekends.
This Saturday is the General Woman's session which is
part of the 187 Annual General Conference of the Church.
My girls and I have been lucky enough to actually go to the Conference Center
 in Salt Lake City to be at the session live,
and it's really a highlight of our year.
I love that together with my daughters
we receive counsel, inspiration, and peace from 
wise and inspired women and men of the Church.
We believe that God still speaks to us today through His prophet and leaders.
And we need God's presence in our lives more abundantly.  
Which means in my home; this evening is everything.

You can participate in the General Woman's Conference 
Saturday, March 25th @ 6:00 pm MDT.
Details HERE
* * * * * *
 Weekends at Fox Hill mean that The Little Nies will want to stay at home 
and together we'll make our homemade pizza.
It means we finally get to drink soda, and watch movies- sometimes two in a row.
I am also planning on getting out our Easter decorations (the girls are thrilled!).
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

St. Patrick's Day 2017

Since we were at the ranch for St. Patrick's day, 
we didn't really celebrate this green holiday like we usually do.

I promised the Little Nies when we got home from the ranch
  I would make our traditional 
Irish cabbage stew and Irish soda bread.
I promised I would cover the table with a cheap
 green plastic tablecloth and spread chocolate gold coins
on top--just like we always do.
We also drank pints and pints of ginger ale, (I just really wanted to say pint).

Traditions are what make life at Fox Hill continue on.
Traditions bring happiness, stability, and assurance.
As as long as I am the mother around here 
we will celebrate anything and everything we can think of.
And occasionally I will create new traditions that deserve celebrating,

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Three things to make me happy.

1. Mr. Nielson returns triumphantly home from the ranch....finally.  
This has been a really long stretch of time for him away from from home.

2. A darling young lady named Claire portrayed me in the 5th grade wax museum. 
 I was able to visit her booth and give her a big hug and kiss.  What a sweet honor!
and this sweetheart?

3. I received this adorable book "Charlotte The Scientist Is Squished
from the author Camille Andros in North Carolina. 
We have loved this book, especially Lottie!
 She loves it for a few reasons:
   a. She shares the same name is the main character.
   b. It's a book with bunnies!
   c. After reading the book, Lottie wants to experiment and explore 
and make lots of messy messes, and I don't mind.

Get a copy for your little scientist (also a great Easter basket item).
Also: check out the darling book trailer!  

Now please excuse me, I am going to go wash Mr. Nielson's
 muddy manure stained clothes and then have him rub my sore hands and legs.