Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Underwater Phone Case

If you don't already have a Lifeproof case, get one.
 My favorite part is that they are water proof.
 So you can see how nerdy you look underwater.

Are you ready for Stephanie to come home yet?  I am.
Sorry my blog posts are boring.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Back It Up

So, Stephanie is at girls camp with Clane 
and a bunch of young ladies from our neighborhood this week.
Her biggest concern was being able to back up the trailer
at the campspot in the mountains.
She's a very capable women though.
I wanted to balance encouraging her "capable-ness" 
with helping her feel "taken-care-of" too.
I'm proud she can do stuff like back up a big trailer.

Also, I'm chatting today from 10-noon MDT.

Taking Over For My Lady

So my lady is gone to girls camp this week and I'm taking over.

Yesterday was her birthday, and I tried to make it special for her.
We began with a morning hike up Rock Canyon, followed by breakfast at Jamba.
Then she opened her presents with the kidlets, and we had a family swim.
Next was lunch at Zupa's...
(these are wierd names...Stephanie picked places to eat all day)
...and a visit with Umi and Grandpa.
Then Stephanie and I went to see a movie (The Shallows)...good summer thriller.
And finally we picked up her ice-cream birthday cake at Baskin Robins.
She hasn't had one of those since she was 6 years old.
I even ordered the cotton candy flavored one...not my favorite, but it's hers.
 I hope you felt special today...I love you!
Also, I'm going to be on chat Wednesday from 10-noon MDT.
Here's my chat handle to reach me: