Thursday, March 15, 2018

Road trips

Yesterday we packed up the car and left the ranch
 headed to Utah for the weekend.
We made only one stop in Cortez, Colorado, where we had lunch and 
 let Angus out to go tinkiepoopoo.
We are getting pretty good at these road trips, which is good 
since we are planning an epic cross-country RV trip next week!
I'm convinced that all one needs on a long road trip is:
80s soft rock hits
Dr. Pepper
Trail mix and/or granola bars

While here in Utah, my agenda includes the following:
Eating out
Visit my favorite dry cleaners/ get a few clothes mended
Late last night in the pouring rain we
 pulled up to my parent's cute little house in the
 tree streets.  Inside we found my parents waiting for us with
warm hugs and food.
Mom had toys and books for Lottie in every corner of the house.

When midnight rolled around, we blew up mattresses,
 piled blankets on couches, and hunkered down beside the fireplace.
 (It's still chilly in Utah!).

ALSO: I'm excited to hike the Y again!

* * * * * * * 
Teachings from RMN:
Spiritual Capacity, October, 1997
"Hobbies can aid in spiritual development. 
Worthy music, dance, art, and writing are among
the creative activities that can enrich the soul.
 A good hobby can dispel heartache and give zest to life."

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