Friday, February 17, 2017

Cavity Test

I spent most my day today cleaning up Fox Hill.
I was only gone a few days, but something the way the dust settles 
in my house makes it feel like its been weeks.
I have been cleaning out drawers, deep cleaning the refrigerator and the floors. 
And I swear I've done 10 loads of laundry today- and I am not done.
I often wonder just how much I could get done (and how fast) 
without any interruptions. It actually sounds dreamy...but thus the life of a mother.
I had to stop several times in the middle of my cleaning-fest
 to take a forgotten lunch to Jane, watch Oliver give his school report, 
take an overdue library book to Nicholas, play a few games with Lottie, 
and then take all the kids to the dentist.
I scheduled us all for cleaning/check-ups at the same time.
 We rule the office for about two hours and everyone there is so good to us.  
We all cleared the cavity test except for my youngest children; Nicholas and Lottie.
Which means, I'll be back in the office to get those fixed up and
I'm pretty sure Nicholas has dentophobia, 
(which is a real condition, I looked it up).
My boys woke up this morning, checked the weather- a whopping 50 degrees!  
Time for shorts! 
Mr. Nielson will be home tomorrow, and I am so looking
 forward to seeing him.
And It's my Jane Bronwyn's 14th birthday on Saturday!  

Happy Weekend!

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