Monday, February 20, 2017

Jane turns 14

Last Saturday, my beautiful Jane Bronwyn turned 
14 years old...can you believe it? 14!? 
In the morning, I made Jane the usual birthday breakfast:
pancakes with whipped cream,
 strawberries, sprinkles, maple syrup, and a candle on top.
Part of our Nielson breakfast tradition is wearing the birthday crown
 while eating breakfast. It's just a thing we do,
 and so far, no one has ever put up a fight...(yet).
Lottie helped me make the buttermilk pancakes and 
I dyed them three different colors of pink to make trendy ombre pancakes.

Jane opened up her gifts and then lay on our hardwood kitchen
 floor covered in her new heated blanket, reading one of her ten new 
birthday books while the rest of us did our Saturday jobs.
Later in the afternoon, we all loaded in the car, and I drove to 
Salt Lake City to pick up Mr. Nielson from the airport.
He was in New Mexico, where he was attending a cattle convention.
So glad he's home!
We took the kids to lunch and then to the mall where
 Jane got her ears pierced (for the 4th time!!).
I may have caved, and Lottie may have pierced her ears too! (More on that later).

We came home, got in our Pj's, watched movies, ate popcorn and 
brownies, and drank Dr. Pepper.
 Nailed it.

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