Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New York, New York North

Last week, Christian and I spent a few lovely days back east in New York City.
Our reason for the trip was to visit and speak to the sister missionaries 
(there are several missions in New York).
Our good friends Dave and Rebecca Smith 
preside over the missionaries in that area.
What beautiful, BRAVE women they are.
I was overwhelmed with love for each one of them.  
It was really, really wonderful.
I would be happy if I could work with and serve with the
 missionaries (anywhere in the world) for the rest of my life.
I am looking forward to when Mr. Nielson 
and I can serve a mission(s) together in our later years.  
We also had the beautiful opportunity to speak at an open event at Lincoln Square.
I shared my story, miracles, and love for God and His grace for me and my family.
We also attended church on Sunday in Union Square.
It's wonderful to know that you 
can visit a Mormon church anywhere worldwide, 
and the service will be the same.
(If you are traveling on Sunday and want to attend a Mormon church,
you are always welcome!  Go HERE to find a meeting house).

Also, I am proud of my Little Nies for documenting their Sabbath day
with an #afterchurchnies photo.

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