Monday, June 09, 2014

Then and Now

Yesterday my sister Lucy and her family came up for dinner.
Lucy had the genius idea of having her little family
 photographed to give as a gift to Andrew (her husband) for Fathers Day.
I decided to get some photos with the Little Nies too.
I asked the talented Justin Hackworth to do the job of photographing us 
with our offspring.  
Meanwhile Andrew and Mr. Nielson cooked dinner in the kitchen.
Anyway, after the circus of getting our younger children to smile and be cute, 
Justin took a few photos of Lucy and I on my front porch.
Lucy looks striking and colorful.
I look alive and healthy and I am grateful for that.
It reminds me of the summer in 2008 (about a month before the accident) 
when we took photos together at Courtney's house.
4 babies, 1 miscarriage, 1 plane crash, and other large events have happened
 between us since this photo was taken.
We are still alive, still healthy and still kicking.
Even though my freckles are gone and the rosy cheeks, I still have Lucy.
God is so very very good.
And Lucy still loves me even though I am late to everything.