Friday, March 16, 2018

Blocked out

   I won't give specific information regarding
 my children's dental check-up today, but
  will grade them a number:
1 being the worst, and 10 the best.
For example, Mr. Nielson checked out with a 
perfectly clean bill of dental health, 
so I would give him a 10.
Me: 6
Claire: 8
Jane: 8
Oliver: 6
Nicholas: 5
Charlotte: 8
At our last family check-up, we had minimal dental issues, 
and this time was a little different.  
So I guess it's true when they say that 
you win some, and you lose some.
I love Cougar Dental so much and am
 SO willing to drive 500 miles (or more) for check-ups and visits
  because they do fantastic work, they are so good to my children (and me!!),
 the office smells nice, and they have delicious cookies on Thursdays.
The day after our epic RV trip next week with Little Nies (Angus too), 
 we will be back at the office for our follow-up appointments.
They blocked out an entire Saturday afternoon just for us.
And Nicholas, who has legit dentalphobia,
was particularly grateful.


* * * * * * * 
Teachings from RMN:
A New Harvest Time April, 1998
"Family love is wonderful. Nothing is as specific as the love
 of a baby for its mother. Nothing is as predictable as the love
 of children for their parents or the love of parents for their children."

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