Wednesday, January 31, 2018


In the mornings when it's still dark and after Mr. Nielson and
 the girls are in town attending seminary, 
I quietly slip out the door with Angus
and together we either hike the mesa, bike the on the hills, 
or run the trails.  
I love being alone.  I love to think and feel.
 I pray and (I'll admit) sometimes I talk to myself.
I love the vast dreary country with twisted juniper branches
strewn across the wild plains. 
 I love the sleeping cactus plants, the red dirt, and blue sky.  
 But I especially love to listen (intently, I might add)
to two talks given by our newest prophet, 
I hang on to his every word because it brings me so much 
comfort and peace.  And I need to feel peace right now.
No matter what happens, I will always have his counsel,
his words, and his loving guidance.
When I get home from my hike the sleepy Little Nies,
(Oliver, Nicholas, and Lottie)
are usually coming down the stairs in search for breakfast.
 While they eat, I quickly print off the talks
that I just had listened to so I can highlight
and make notes of the thoughts and inspiration I just received.
It helps my day, helps my heart, and helps my perspective.
* * * * * *

"Desired blessings come only by obedience to divine law, 
and in no other way.
 Only as the laws are known, and then obeyed, 
can the blessings we desire be earned."