Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Thank you for coming

Today I got a large yellow envelope in the mail.  
I opened it up to reveal a large stack of the cutest thank you 
notes from over thirty 2nd graders.

story with a room full of inquisitive 7/8-year-olds.  
They listened intently while sitting cross-legged in the gym.
After I spoke, I asked the kids what they 
felt and if they had any questions.
 And they did have questions!!  Great questions!
Not only were they genuinely concerned about the
 accident, the pilot (Doug) and our burn injuries. 
 They also asked me what it felt like to crash (scary)
 and if burns hurt (YES!).
They also asked me what it was like to be taken in a helicopter to the hospital-
 (I don't remember that trip; I was totally out-
one foot into heaven is more like it).
I read each card and admired the artwork;
 burning airplanes, sad, crying faces, and large orange and red flames.
One kid drew a plane that was obviously about to crash, erased
it, and drew a cute Christmas tree instead.
I was not only touched, but I also had some really, really good laughs.
Kids are so great.
"Thank you for coming to talk to us.  I am so glad that you are alive and
I hope that the pilot is ok and that he is having a good time in heaven".

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