Monday, January 29, 2018

Weather Chasers

Some of my siblings and I are obsessed with the weather.
It's not unusual to have text threads commenting
on weather patterns, predictions, and opinions.
And I am not just talking about the weather but 
cozy, cold, dreary, crazy- mostly snowy weather.
The day we finally got snow here on the ranch (almost 2 weeks ago) 
my phone buzzed, alerting me of a text.
It was from my brother Andrew.
He texted me in his sarcastic Mr. Weatherman voice:
"I show you are currently under a winter weather advisory.
Do you feel a storms-a coming?
I see rain is changing to snow quickly.
Looks like snow coming in around 8pm for a couple hours...
keep me posted."
snow blowing in front of the camera overlooking the courtyard

A few of my brothers follow the ranch weather and 
text me frequently to see how the weather is developing.
I told Andrew I would send him a report once the white stuff started falling.
We stayed in touch most of the night, reporting back and forth
 on weather updates, temps, wind direction, and sky color.
  It's all important stuff.

Finally, around 8:00, the white stuff started falling 
(and has yet to come since, I might add).
I sent Andrew photos (from our Vivint camera) and videos.
Snow accumulating in the front yard.

Hopefully, this week we have more weather texts to discuss!

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