Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Last night we drove onto the ranch after a couple lovely days in Arizona. 
When we walked into the house I made a pot of tomato soup,
Oliver turned on the pellet stove to heat up the kitchen,
Jane turned on all the Christmas lights, Mr. Nielson,
Claire, and Nicholas brought in our bags from the car.
Lottie and Angus went straight to her chocolate advent calendar to 
open up the days she missed while we were gone. 
Now I am in bed next to Mr. Nielson with our floor heater on full blast
and we are talking about our trip and the best parts.
We talked about visiting the Mesa cemetery where Christian's sister
Charity is buried.  We also visited the graves of our dear friend
 Doug, and my great something grandfather Daniel W. Jones.
I had the opportunity to speak to a group of 2nd graders about 
my accident and the life lessons I learned and am learning.
I love kids so much. They are so funny.
At one point I asked the kids if they had any questions.
Most of them raised their hands.  They wanted to know things like
 my kids names and birthdays, when I was born, 
how old I am ("my mom is way younger than you!"),
and one little boy asked me what I looked like before the accident.
I asked Mr. Nielson to answer that question. 
 It was really sweet, and I tried not to cry a few times.
I told them to look into peoples eyes when they spoke to them.
I told them to promise me that they would be kind of everyone, especially kids
who maybe look or talk different than them.

And of course being with Spencer and Lindsay
 is always a huge highlight for us.

* * * * * *

In 25 ways, Over 25 days.
Once again, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ by serving
others this Christmas season.  As we follow His example,
we can help Light the World!
Day 13:
"And things whatsoever ye would that men should
do to you, do ye even so to them."
-Matthew 7:12