Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Oliver is a teenager!

Today my first son is a teenager!  
Oliver Christian came to us on a mild winter day
 in the township of East Brunswick, New Jersey, in 2005.
 Around 3:00 p.m. I went into labor, and a few hours later, Ollie was born
in my bedroom on my bed.
He was a healthy 7 1/2-pound baby boy with quite an appetite.
 After Ollie had been bathed and dressed after dinner was eaten, 
and the girls asleep in their rooms,
 I lay in my bed with Christian admiring and examining
 every little inch of our first son.
Out my window, I noticed that the wind had picked up and the
trees began shifting back and forth.
Then the snow began falling,
and it didn't stop for almost a whole week which closed roads,
 schools, and work for Christian!
We hunkered down in our little home on
 Harvey Circle admiring Oliver, watching movies, and staying
in our PJs all day long. It was magical.
We had so much snow that the snowplows couldn't keep up and 
Christian had to strap on his snow shoes and tromp 
to the closest store for essentials.  
It was quite the Nor'easter.
Today we celebrate this amazing genuine boy and all of his
qualities and talents.
Happy Birthday Oliver, Ollie, Olls, Liver.
  I love you so much...everyone loves you so much!

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