Thursday, April 17, 2008

Boy, Bucks, Buzz, and Bucks.

For most mothers with a son, this is a very familiar scene.
Boy with Buzz lightyear.
I dropped 20.00 bucks for this ginormous piece of plastic.
After Oliver had his IV sedation and new bucks added to his mouth (oh, and after I thought he had died because his eyes stopped blinking. You bet I cried)
I took my little drugged son to target to get him whatever his little medicated heart wanted.
It wanted Buzz lightyear.
After we were settled in the car and all the plastic wrapping had been torn, I looked back to see Oliver with a very frustrated look on his face.
The drugs still in effect he for one couldn't see his eyes still blurry and two, Buzz alas had no wings, NO WINGS!
Those huge crock tears filed down.
Somehow after all was said and done and the drugs were out of his system,
Buzz become a Nielson.
Buzz Nielson.
I like the sound of that.
Buzz came on a recent family bike ride (rode snug as a bug in my basket) and sleeps with Oliver, eats with Oliver, and just today Buzz was peeking on me in the shower...oh dear, please! I don't need another pervert. I've already got one. (but I kind of like him)

Look at those new bucks.

Happy Birthday to my dear Mother.
I love you so much!

{my blessing day August 1981}