Saturday, January 14, 2006

Get down boy!

Last night we had the Elders over for dinner. Good conversation etc however, in the mean time, Oliver was being left out. He had NO idea what we were talking about and could care less. All he wanted was the chocolate/chocolate cookies I had made earlier that day for dessert.
The missionaries ate dinner, snarfed down some cookies and ice cream and left to another appointment. Oliver who was waiting patiently for a cookie was put on hold while we walked the Elders outside to properly say goodbye. When we came back this is what we saw:

The cookie he had unwearyingly, tolerantly and patiently waited for was gone, all gone.
His heart was crushed as reality stuck him like a dagger. He took it like a man though, no tears. It was OK because Jane who was oblivious to it all walked by Oliver and he immediately tackled her to the floor and, well I am sure you get the picture.