Monday, January 09, 2017


This weekend was a special one for our family.
Oliver turned 12 last weekend, and today he was ordained
 a deacon at church by Mr. Nielson.
If you are wondering, a deacon is a worthy Mormon boy usually between 12-17. 
 He receives the Aaronic Priesthood which means that he can now
 participate in many special and sacred duties
 like passing the sacrament to the congregation, and 
collecting money donations for the needy. 
I was so proud of him today and my mother heart burst.
At the ordination, the Bishop had me say a few words about Oliver 
and I told them this story.
Oliver has the sweetest heart of anyone I know.
  He makes me proud everyday.  Really, he does.
(it looks gross, but it was actually really good).
After dinner I made him his favorite cake- angel food cake 
and we celebrated HIM!
(I love you sweet boy!)

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