Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Family Presentation

{Ollie with his wonderful teacher}

Today is Ollie's family presentation in his first grade class.
He has been waking me up every morning for the past 2 weeks to remind me.
Yesterday at 6:45 a.m. he reminded me that
"tomorrow is his family presentation"
This morning earlier than yesterday he woke me up reminding me
about his family presentation.
I think everyone knows his FAMILY PRESENTATION IS TODAY!
I think he just loves to say family presentation.

I guess I think this is so cute because he is excited to show off his family.
He is proud of us- he is proud of me.
I would expect there to be some embarrassment from him. But no.

Last week, Nicholas and I walked to his school to drop off his forgotten lunch.
He was on the playground for recess.
I spotted him and waved and he immediately ran over to me with friends in tow.
One friend came up with him, looked away and then ran away.
I acted like it was no big deal and Ollie (who always stands up for me)
asked him why he was leaving.

"She is scary looking, and I am scared of her" his friend announced.
Oliver said:
"This is my Mom and you are weird, she is just pregnant!!"
Nothing about scars, a fire, or burns.
Just a big belly was all that seemed odd about
the way I looked to my seven year old son.

To Ollie, I am just a Mom- but not just, I am HIS Mom and he loves me.
In fact, he doesn't even see what others do, and for that I am so grateful.

So today I will march down to his school and explain why I look the way I do,
(per Oliver's request, he loves that we were in a airplane crash and lived.)
and announce that I am the luckiest Mom in the world.