Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Pause now!

(Enjoying S'mores cookies after Family Home Evening.
Yes, that is a beard and uni-brow on Nicholas's face).

Monday's are my "P-day," aka Prep Day.  
I catch up on weekend laundry, change sheets, 
plan, shop for the week's food/meals, and run various errands.
After I dropped the older kids off at school(s) in the morning,
Lottie and I drove around in the rain, listening to her favorite music. 
She also buckled and unbuckled her car seat a thousand times.
Then I remembered that Lottie will be in starting Kindergarten
 I don't know what I'll do without her. 
I'll be lost.
Sometimes- most times- I cry when I think about two things; 
Lottie going to kindergarten, and my boys going on missions. 
I am sure that I will never be ready for both events.
After p-day errands, I came home just long enough to put the groceries 
on the counter, and then it was off to pick up the kids from school(s).  
And then, the day flashes before my eyes.
Before I know it, I am putting my apron on and making dinner; the Little Nies are 
doing homework, and the sun is sinking behind the mountains. 
 Can I push pause somewhere? Please?
Pause now so Claire won't grow that extra inch to pass me up in height!
Pause now so Jane will always want to decorate her fairy garden outside
and ask me to read picture books with her at night!
Pause now so Oliver will always have a high voice and hold my hand!
Pause now so Nicholas will always want his 
back rubbed and sit at the kitchen table sketching 
wild scenes of monsters and fantastic creatures!
And, pause now because of Lottie and the whole kindergarten thing.

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