Monday, May 26, 2008

The weekend review.

Just a few noteworthy items:

1. It rained like the dickens Thursday-Saturday. It was the best days EVER! I spent most of my days out on the porch swing while the kids played with rain-boots and umbrellas.

2.Courtney had her baby! I was keeping serious tabs on that woman for 2 whole

(click on chief for more info)
days. I feel so left out living miles away, but so happy she had that doll safe and sound. I will not post baby's name since she hasn't announced it yet.

3. Claire passes kindergarten and will successfully be a first-grader in August...whew!

(this is us at the program)
4. Oliver gets lost at Claire's kindergarten end-of-year program. For 15 minutes I seriously think he'll return safe and sound.
Then I get worried and my hands begin sweating.
Then I pace the auditorium like a mad woman searching for my Ollie.
No Ollie.
25 minutes go by and I panic, in desperation I call Mr. Nielson and cry. "I can't find Oliver and why aren't you here, you should be here-this wouldn't have happened if you were here" then I hang up on Mr. Nielson and run outside where it is poring rain.
Then I hear over the P.A.
"We have a little boy in the office, his name is Oliver. He is wearing his little brothers shorts and they look awesome" (just kidding about this last part-but he was, they looked like 1950's gym shorts)
Apparently he helped some lady in the lunch room put ice cream in the freezer, helped himself to left-over lunch snacks and won the hearts of the ladies. That's my boy!

(moments before Oliver escapes.)