Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The day I spent in bed.

Oliver went to school today.
He ate his oatmeal, got dressed, and I drove the kids down to school.

(Claire and Jane get ready for school. Mr. Nielson in his robe)

Claire and Jane were so excited to see him off. They walked him to his classroom and squealed in delight as he walked to greet his teacher.

He found his name, found his teacher and found some Lego-looking toys
and then I left him alone and he didn't care.

(Oliver gets his first day of school name tag from his Kindergarten teacher. Mrs. W.)

(His seat and toys...he's all set)

I went home and then went back to my bed. I have been so achy. I think this cooler weather is harsh on my "new skin". I feel like I am turning 100 years old. I hate feeling slow and sluggish.
I am trying to keep my chin up, even if that means keeping my behind on my bed for the day. I also have used 7 kitchen forks to itch my back. I had this sweet back-itcher and then one day is disappeared. I can't decide who is to blame; Oliver (uses it as a very large gun) or Mr. Nielson (who hates when I use it).

It is pretty cold now when we wake up. The weather usually makes me feel cozy and happy. Except today I was not very happy. I was pretty grumpy and miserable.

I'd like to tell my main man thanks for doing everything today. He always picks up where I leave off. It is a wonderful feeling to have such a reliable husband who understands my heart and knows when I need his extra love and attention. (or, to stay in bed all day).
As I type this, he is putting the babies to bed then will get on his motie and pick up a prescription for me. Man I love that guy.

(My Mr. Nielson before school today)

Praying for a better day tomorrow.
I hope you have one too.
Seriously I do, because its so awful to feel awful.