Sunday, July 09, 2023

Doubly Heartbroken


On our way home from church, we experienced the
CRAZIEST of rainstorms.  Cars crept along the roads, 
taking us forever to get home.
It was still pouring rain when we pulled into Stillestead.
We decided to check on the cows to make sure they were OK in this wet weather,
only to find that #16 had delivered not one but TWO calves, 
and sadly, they both had died.
In the wet grass, feet away from each other, were 
two beautiful, good-sized heifers
I was heartbroken!
And we're not sure why they died, and that's the worst part!
That was sad but not as horrible as seeing two calves dead
with a nervous mama protecting them.

When we bought these cows, we didn't have a lot of information
about them, like due dates or how old they were.
We had our veterinarian give us some clues, but we don't have
a very accurate history about them.
So it's hard to piece together why this happened.

We still have two more mamas ready to deliver,
and praying everything goes right!
I know April and Stevie are hoping for more cousins!

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