Monday, June 26, 2023

Welcome, Stevie! (And a party!)

 Well, first of all, WE HAD ANOTHER CALF!!  
Yeah, for Mama #28!  
When we went to the pasture this afternoon,
 a darling little bully (boy) was lying under Mama, healthy and adorable!  
Christian named him "Stevie" after me since he was almost
 born on my birthday (which is tomorrow).
We already love him so much! 
(Also, a note, my oldest brother is called Stephen after my dad, 
Stephen, and we call him "Stevie."
So technically, I guess we named him after my dad, who started all 
this Stephen, Stevie, Stephanie business.)
 Now baby April looks GINORMOUS next to him. 
He looks like he could be twins with Angus.
Claire and I jumped on the motorcycle and drove to the pasture together
where Gigs, Christian, and Lottie were there observing Stevie from a 
distance in the binoculars.  
(I know this photo of me and my misshapen nose is FANTASTIC,
but driving with Claire on the back of my motorcycle was
a memory I will never forget.  We laughed a lot.)
Claire, Gigs, and Lottie threw me the best birthday dinner ever!
They decorated the table so fancy and adorable, 
and we had a late dinner on the porch
and sparklers before the best summer storm invaded Stillestead!
Then they presented me with the best present, a 42-year-old 
could have: pebble ice maker!
My Dirty Dr. Peppers just got game!
Claire made me a delicious blood orange cake with
fresh flowers to top it off.
I couldn't have asked for a better party,
I felt so loved.
Tomorrow we're headed to the beach!

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