Sunday, June 25, 2023

Sundee Things

 Late on Saturday, Christian and I picked up our little 
Toadie, our Claire-Bear, our firstborn, our CLAIRE at the airport.
She flew in from Phoenix for my birthday.
I can't tell you how excited I am that she is here!
Even though it was midnight, the first thing she did
when she got into our car was roll the window down 
and take a deep breath of the North Carolina humidity!
Welcome Home, Claire!
I've had a pile for her in her old room of mail that still comes
to our house, and stuff I bought for her to use
while she's here, like; delicious Brazillian butter lotion,
a loofa, and you know, things like that.
She opened up some mail while we were together, and good news!
She's on the Deans list for good grades in nursing school.
Awww, Claire, you're amazing!
On Sunday, after church, 
Christian made his traditional 'Sundee dinner,'
and we spent hours outside on the porch together.
Then, per her request, we went on a long 'Sundee Drive.'
in the country, listening to music that reminds her of life
out here in North Carolina.
Several times I saw her out my window with her window rolled
down and her eyes closed, singing along to Tim McGraw.
She looked like she was in heaven.

The only thing better would be a cute boy holding her hand next to her.

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