Sunday, June 25, 2023

Oliver in Brazil: June 2023

 Oliver's greatest fear while on his mission is; losing his hair and getting fat.
(I mean, I'd be scared of getting robbed or stabbed or, like, murdered!)
He has filled out a little (but it looks so cute on him!),
 but his hair looks exactly the same.
He's so lucky to have such an awesome head of hair!
He told me he felt a lot of comfort after reading Doctrine and Covenants 9
and the promise that the Lord told the prophet Joseph Smith to
convey to the great missionary Oliver Cowdry (who Ollie is named for).
"Stand fast in the work wherewith I have called you, 
and a hair of your head shall not be lost, 
and you shall be lifted up at the last day. Amen."
He is absolutely taking that literally!!
He's healthy and happy, and being able to talk to him every Monday is one 
the highlights of my week!
But he's not writing letters home- or to anyone, really; 
chatting weekly has replaced that. Both he and Jane (and Claire, too!)
are not letter writers!
He's a little homesick...OK, a lot homesick.
He told me:
"I keep seeing myself at the kitchen table talking to you
while you're making dinner, and it kills me to think about!"
I told him he wouldn't feel this way forever, and time heals this
ailment! And it does. But he'll probably feel homesick 
his whole two years in Brazil,
but it won't affect him as much as his mission marches on.

He has baptized someone EVERY SINGLE WEEK since he's been out.
And 90% of them have been kids. 
It's awesome! He is so good with kids and is so good at connecting with them.
It's a gift he has been blessed with- and 
he carries around candy in his suit pocket to share with them.
He said to me:
"I may not know the language very great yet, but the candy
is a great equalizer!"
His apartment is drafty, and the hot water isn't working,
so he is cold all the time.
It sounds miserable to me, but he's oblivious to the discomfort.
He stays busy and works hard every day.
I miss him so much, and after every phone call
I feel like I have to pull the dagger out of my chest!
But of course, I know he's where he should be.  
He's doing such good work!

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