Monday, July 10, 2023

5 Snippets on a Monday

 This morning I got up and did some yard work before the 
sun showed up.  The sun and humidity are a deadly combination,
and once that starts, the day is pretty much shot.
Randomly while working, a tree across the field fell over, 
knocking over the fence.
It just, out of the blue, fell over.
It makes me nervous sometimes; I mean, at any moment,
any tree could fall over, and Stillestead is surrounded by lovely
tall giant trees.
Every Summer, my friend Susan drives to South Carolina
to pick up a giant truckload of peaches.  
Sweet delicious peaches, and I always order a box.
I make batches of cobbler, and our oatmeal will 
be mouthwatering for the next few days!
Later this evening, we drove to Duck Donuts because we love
the Summer flavors (Beach Ball!!) We lingered at the store and talked about 
Nicholas's big FFA trip to Washinton, DC.
I'm so excited for him!
He is planning on going to the Smithsonian museums, 
The Washington Monument,
The National Mall Memorials, The Holocaust Museum,
United States Capital Tour, United State Botanic Gardens,
among other sights and museums.
Also, it should be noted he is the only boy from his school group.
Oh ya, Gigs.

Lindsay sent me a cute set of glass mushroom vases for my birthday.
I added the Zinnias I'm proudly growing in my front yard.

AND Elder Nielson has had a CRAZY, EPIC, SCARY week.
I am going to write it out as soon as I can.
And it keeps evolving, too!!

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