Tuesday, July 11, 2023

We're a MI Family

Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One
has been on our calendar since 2018 after our family saw 
Mission: Impossible - Fallout all those years ago.
And then, Covid happened, and it kept getting pushed back further
and further.  Then some of the Nies left home, and our dream
of seeing Dead Reckoning together looked bleak,
and in a way, it was lonely with just the four of us.
We missed our other Nies who are spread across the globe.

We're a MI family.
Back in May of 2000, I was asked out on a date by the one and only,
Christian Nielson, on that first date, we went to see the newest 
Mission: Impossible 2 movie together.
He held my hand in the dark theater, and I thought I was going to die.
MI2 is probably the worst one of the franchise, but it has the best music
and reminds us of our beginnings, and our children are products
of us, so naturally, we're all jazzed about all things Mission: Impossible!
Since we saw it days before the actual premiere, the only showing it
was offered was in 4XD, which NOW we know is like watching a movie
on Disney's Space Mountain.
I thought Lottie was going to be sick.
First time for all of us.
I thought it was really funny the first time the seats began jostlings around
(I wore the wrong bra!) with water spraying on our faces 
and something shooting at our feet.
Lotte sat on the stairs while I almost wet my pants with Gigs next to me.
We loved the movie!
Well, most of it.  I'll spare the details, but something happens that
we're not happy about.
   A N Y W A Y...
When it was over, we stayed in our seats, 
dissecting the whole movie and its details,
and then it hit me, I know why I spent $20 bucks a ticket, 
it was for the 4DX experience.
Worth it?  Not sure.
It was funnier than it was, enhancing the experience.
And after a few minutes of sitting on the stairs, Lottie 
did finally warm up to the whole idea 
 turns out SHE LOVED IT, and now she can't stop
talking about it, and wants to go back.

I could see why it would be kind of cool watching,
like, Jurassic Park, but Mission: Impossible?  
The verdict is still out.

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