Tuesday, May 23, 2023

RIP Baby May

 This afternoon Christian came into the house after 
making his afternoon pasture check very somber.
"We lost a baby," he announced.
My heart sank.
Baby May was probably born earlier in the day without us knowing,
we're not exactly sure, but we think mamas teats were too big
for baby May to grasp, and without that early colostrum right after birth
babies have a much greater risk of death and exposure.
That's what we think happened.

She was so tiny and beautiful, and I was sick.
We've got four more mamas still close to delivery, and 
we're checking on them much more frequently now.

We had decided after baby April was born that we'd 
name the next female calf May, after the month
which connects perfectly with her cousin, April, who was born last month.
And if it was a little bully (male), we'd name him Leonard, after my
brother, Andrew, who I nicknamed Leonard when I was a little girl.
 (That's a long story).
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