Wednesday, May 22, 2019


I wear five rings on my right hand.
They used to be on my left hand, but my left hand was much more burned and damaged in the accident
then my right and the rings don't fit on those fingers like they used to.
I also wear a gorgeous gold bracelet on my right wrist
with three emeralds and two diamonds from Mr. Nielson.
The jewels represent my three girls and two boys.
Mr. Nielson wears his gold wedding band on his right ring finger 
to match with me (if and when he wears it, 
he's not much of a ring-wearer these days).
I LOVE my jewelry because each piece is symbolic 
and represents a specific part of my life.
My brother-in-law Andrew is a goldsmith and jeweler and has
designed and created four of the six jewelry
 pieces I wear each day (turquoise earrings too).

He also made name necklaces for my girls when they completed
their Personal Progress, tie clips for 6th-grade graduation, and he
etches tally marks in our wedding rings for every anniversary.
Mr. Nielson wanted to give Claire and Jane 
something special to commemorate Prom and this part of their lives
so we picked out birthstone rings from Andrew's 
new jewelry line HEIR
They are dainty and adorable, and the girls LOVE them.

(Claire's birthstone is an opal, and Jane's is an amethyst.)

There is a reason why Andrew has a hand model to show off
his gorgeous creations-and, not my hand (thank heavens),
but I love my hands and what they can do, and the unique jewelry that
adorns them.  (Thank you, Andrew!)
-My engagement ring from Mr. Nielson, 2000
 -My nana Aurora's engagement ring from my papa as a wedding gift, 2000
-Emerald ring from Mr. Nielson, Christmas 2012
Entwine from Heir, Valentine's Day 2019
 -Avant-Garde from Heir, Mother's Day 2019
-Bracelet as a gift from Mr. Nielson when I received an 

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