Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Personal Progress

 girls at the age of twelve enter into the 
The purpose of YW's is for the girls to develop a relationship with 
Jesus Christ, prepare for her future roles, and keep her covenants with God.
Another really great thing about YW's is Personal Progress, which is a
program that give her opportunities to develop her skills, 
grow, stretch, and learn to become leaders. 

The girls are challenged physically, mentally and spiritually
 to find ways to understand who Christ is, 
and how they can rely on Him and His example. 
They find out more about themselves as daughters of a loving and almighty God.  
They make goals for themselves, for their futures, and for their families.
The Young Women program is for girls ages 12-18 which means
they have six years to complete the program.
Some girls finish right away, and some take all six years to complete (like me).
I told Claire and Jane (Lottie too!), that Christian and
 I expect them to achieve this honor by the time they are 16.  
Claire finished her Personal Progress just last week! 
(She turns 16 at the end of October). 
She will be recognized in church on Sunday.
Claire has a journal full of entries that records what she has accomplished,
 along with spiritual thoughts and ideas.
The book also contains her testimony and love for the Savior.
I couldn't be prouder of Claire, and am excited for Jane who 
will also recieve her Personal Progress recognition in the next 6 months.
 I wanted the girls to have something nice from me and Christian 
once they have completed the program. 
We decided to commission my brother-in-law Andrew to make name necklaces.
These beautiful necklaces are solid gold and sit on a dainty chain.
I hope when my girls wear their necklaces and see their name
 they remember what they have accomplished to always remember His name.

-You can learn more about the Personal Progress Program HERE
 (BTW: you don't have to be a member of 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 
to participate!). HERE
-Andrew Beesley Studio HERE