Thursday, September 21, 2017

I really needed it

Today was a good day- in terms of homeschooling.
I felt organized, patient, and confident.
We stayed on task, zipped through our lessons, 
and even had a few laughs (cheers!).
We finished school early, giving me ample time to take Angus on a
 nice afternoon walk alone on the hills behind the house before I started dinner.
Walking along the dusty roads, I prayed and thanked God for this good day.  
I really needed it.

I also ordered a few fall-smelling candles for the kitchen, and I really
took some good quality time in the Halloween section at the grocery store.

I feel homesick for the fall leaves and the smells I can only
get in Utah. I miss the rainy days and 
the low-hanging clouds that linger on the mountains. 
 I miss my daily Y hikes, family, and house.
But I am happy and feel content, and that's really a good feeling.
I was just asked to serve in church with the young women 
who live in this area.  
I had a meeting tonight with the other leaders, and they shared with me
a little about these girls and their lives.
There are a few churches on the reservation, and 
these people travel long distances to attend.
They are loyal and love God. It's really very inspiring.

And also, Nicholas caught a snake and brought it into the kitchen.
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