Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ready or not

Since I began homeschooling, I usually spend my mornings and afternoons
 sitting at the ranch kitchen table with Nicholas and Lottie.
It's been a tricky adjustment, and we are still trying to get a schedule down.
I admire homeschooling parents' patience, balancing
skills, knowledge, and patience.  (Did I already say that?).
The only real photo I took was after my run early this morning.  
Usually, after I run, I come home and take Angus for a little walk
 around headquarters.
(He's still too young to run with me yet). 
We walk down the road to visit the cows in the feedlot, 
then we walk around the cattle equipment, 
and end the walk-off by checking out Boss's garden.
I was surprised to see the pumpkins were bright orange and huge, and I 
was excited to take a few photos to send to Boss.
Then as I walked up the road to the ranch house,
took a few deep breaths, walked in the door, and announced
to the children that it was time to start the day, ready or not.

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