Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The pick-up (Prom continued)

Growing up, Prom was always a big deal in my family.
I watched my sisters and cousins get snazzy for their dates, and 
when I went to Prom, I had family and friends come over to my
 house to see me walk down the living room staircase and be
 escorted by my date to the waiting car.
Kind of nerdy-yes, but memorable and sweet too.
A rite of passage, and for my girls, it was no different.

About 20 minutes before the girls dates came to pick them up,
 a gaggle of Clark's showed up at Lucy's house for the big send-off.
We all crammed into Lucy's bedroom watching the girls put 
the finishing touches on their make-up.

Courtney and her three girls showed up to Lucy's house 
along with Umi, my brother Jesse, and his six children.

Jesse's daughter Lydia was attending Prom too, so after 
Claire got picked up we all jumped in the car to go up the street 
to see Lydia leave, then back to Lucy's house for Jane to get picked up.

The girls were a little overwhelmed at all the hullabaloo going on.
And I'm sure the boys felt super overwhelmed walking into
Lucy's entryway with 20 family members watching their every move.
Bless them!

Before the girls left the house,
Mr. Nielson called from North Carolina to talk to the boys.
He wanted to know plans and details.
We don't know what Mr. Nielson said exactly to David or Philip on the phone,
but we think he must have been pretty serious about having 
the boys bring the girls home by midnight, 
because David got Claire home at 11:58,
 and Philip had Jane home at 12:04.
(And I should know because Lucy and I were in the kitchen 
waiting patiently for then girls to arrive).
Their wedding days will be amazing.
Except I will probably be crying the whole time.

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