Monday, May 20, 2019

Prom Prep

Since the girls and I were staying with my sister Lucy and her family
while we were visiting last week for Prom,
Lucy felt obligated that her house look in tip-top shape for when
 Claire and Jane's dates came to pick them up for this epic date.
So after my morning hike with a few friends on Saturday morning,
and just as the sun was peeking over the mountains,
 I drove into Lucy's drive-way to find her in her
amazing house dress and Nike's mowing the lawn.
Sally was in her PJs, plopped in the middle of the lawn 
while Lucy carefully mowed around her.
That is true, sister/aunt love.
Jane's adorable date, Philip, picked her up for
 the day portion of the date around 9:00. 
Philip packed a lunch for the two of them in his backpack, and with 
a group of kids, including Jane's best friend, Hannah,
and they hiked up beautiful Rock Canyon.
 Claire's darling date, David, picked her up around 10:00
and they went to a nearby park for games and lunch.
Both girls came home exhausted (a little sun-kissed),
 but with good reports and stories.
We hardly had time to talk because we were on the Prom 
minute-to-minute countdown.
Every second counts seriously!
They quickly showered while I ran downtown Provo to
 pick up their dates boutonnieres.
I texted a photo of the boutonniere to the
 girls and Claire texted me back
saying she didn't feel confident in being
 able to pin the flower to David's lapel.
She blamed it on being left-handed. Pffhhhh.
I said I didn't feel confident because I only have NINE fingers.
(Lucy's husband, Andrew, ultimately did the deed for us all.
Although I did try!).
Then we headed to the salon so they could get their hair done!
By now, I was totally stressing about time, so I ran to a drugstore
and picked out some lipstick and eye shadow that
 I thought they would go along with their dresses.
This was something we were hoping to do together at some point
before the dance, that didn't happen. 
Jane wanted a 1920's glamour hairstyle,
 and Claire envisioned a classy bun.
Both girls were pleased with the outcome.
In a panic, I texted Justin Hackworth (who was going to be documenting
this momentous occasion for our family), and I told him
 that we needed to catch up.
He sent me a text assuring me that everything would be just fine.
Then he reminded me that he takes photos of weddings for a living, which is the par for the course.
Then strangely, I felt so much better.
Justin was there when the girls were baptized, 
so, of course, he'd be there for their first Prom!

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