Monday, March 14, 2011

Families will be together forever/ Nie asks on Blogher

{Jane with a burned out "8" sparkler on her cupcake after her baptism}

Here are some pictures of Jane's baptism brunch.
I invited all of my family after the ordinance to my home.
Since we already celebrated her birthday in February,
we celebrated the fact that she is eight!
What a glorious age. It is the age of baptism and the age of accountability in our church.
It is a celebrated age where the gift of the Holy Ghost is given upon us.

I am happy I believe in the knowledge that families are forever.
Especially with this horrible disaster in Japan right now{and others},
I have this knowledge which carries me to bed and night, and helps me arise in the morning.

{Our sweet baby Jane, with the cutest headband here}

{The family gather around after the baptism preformed by Jane's father- Mr. Nielson}

{New baby Freddie}

{Jane and me happy with her sparkler #8! Claire, Ever and Courtney.
Jane enjoys her celebration crepes...I think}

{Me, Chris, and Christian prepare the food. The Sweet Tooth Fairy boxed red velvet cupcakes to celebrate Jane.
Jane and I put small cutout stickers of her on top the boxes}

{Me and brother Andrew...sometimes I call him Len, or Leo, but mostly Leonard}

{Lindsay holds Bets. Page looks over her choices. Katy and son Van share a chair.
Claire, Vivian, Jane, Harriet, and Meri excited about the paper animal plates and the nutella}

{Nie, Courtney, Lydia, Lisa and Phoebe make crepes. Mr. Nielson, and again with father- Boss Nielson}

{me assisting nephew Max}

{All eyes on brother Andrew. Clark (behind),Megan and Drew, Lucy, Freddie and Andrew Beesley}

{eating crepes, Drew, Lindsay, Betsy, Maloy, Matthew, Meri and Chick wait in line and Lydia grabs a fork}

{sweet Margaret. Lindsay and Jesse talk to Topher. Vance and Page listen to brother {Bishop} Matt}


I am sure like you, we have all been glued to the TV about the devastation going on in Japan.
I am heartbroken. Reading and watching videos was only adding to the sadness that was already there after first hearing about it.
I am shocked and just overwhelmed at the amount of pain and suffering goes on.
I have been eager to find the right sites to use on my blog to help those in need.
The best one is here. Its safe and helpful to those in need.
God bless Japan!

And speaking of Families and pain.
Read this heartbreaking story, and help if you can!

****Nie asks on Blogher****
What brings you luck?

{Me? Anything red...such as Jane's hair}
Go HERE to answer!

I really think these are genius. I think I want a few.

...And, congrats too:
Corey Casey and Rachel Werley! You won the cookbooks!!
You will be contacted shortly!