Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tally marks

I had an idea one afternoon as I put my wedding ring on:
I wanted my jeweler brother in law, Andrew to sketch tally marks 
in the inside of Mr. Nielson and my wedding rings.
{is that how you say that sentence?}
Each anniversary we will add another tally.
Since Mr. Nielson and I have been married for twelve years so far,
there are twelve tally marks in the insides of our rings.
Each anniversary, we will go to Andrew's shop for a new tally mark.
When Mr. Nielson and I are gone, 
our wedding rings will be passed to children and
our children will see these marks and know of our dedication to one another forever.
 Each year and each tally will be better than the one before.
And that's how it should be forever and always.