Friday, July 27, 2018

THE Table


While Claire, Jane, and Lottie were at the pool and the boys 
in the woods mountain biking,
 Mr. Nielson and I decided to drive to Raleigh
 in search of a perfect dining room table.
We still need one- and I don't just want to have one; I want the right one.
Store after store after store, we saw plenty of tables.  
But with each table, I wished the wood was in a lighter color
or a different material, size, or shape.
I wanted enough space to fit at least 2 families
 but not too bulky- but not wimpy, either. 
 Sleek but not too modern.
I had pieced ideas together from 
thousands of tables, and I KNEW what I wanted, but I couldn't find it.
The dining room table is the heart of the home.
I mean, think about it:
It's where the turkey is cut at Thanksgiving 
(well, it would be if we ate turkey), 
...OK, all holiday dinners.
Basically, everything happens at the table, so you see why 
this has to be THE table, right?
I also wanted it unique, with personal touches to make it memorable.
We had plenty of options, but I needed to speak to someone.
Hours later, we stopped in to have dinner and discuss the table.
We sketched on napkins exactly what we wanted.
Then Mr. Nielson told me, "I'm going to make this table."
With materials and tools, it would cost almost
as much to make one as to buy one.
Plus, WE can design the perfect table together and add  
all our personal ideas...and you better believe we have ideas!
It will take a while before it's finished, but I can be patient-
I've been that before.

Spiritual Enlightenment: Fourth Floor, Last Door

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