Thursday, July 26, 2018

Do Your Best

Our mission today was to register the Little Nies for
the upcoming school year.
Claire and Jane will attend high school.
Oliver and Nicholas will attend middle school.
And Lottie will attend elementary school.
Yes, THREE different schools in THREE different locations,
which means that a priority for Claire (and Jane)
 is to get their license- that would be super helpful.
I sat in each office filling out 4000 hours worth of paperwork.
  It takes a lot of work to re-enter the school system after a year of doing home school.  
I am not looking forward to school and getting back to
schedules and homework...oh, just thinking about it sends me
into heart palpitations, 
(I may be thinking differently in a few weeks).
The Little Nies will continue with online classes to stay on top
of their school load. (BYU-IS is super convenient).
And I will continue to supplement Lottie and Gigs with 
their home school curriculum (that we love).
And you won't believe it, but I am already planning for our 
Planning the theme, menu, colors, decorations, etc.
Once August arrives, it's all downhill from there.
So I am getting an early start to a new and bright future
 as we embark on a new life here in North Carolina.

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